Mickey and the Magician

Mickey and the Magician is a stage show in Animagique Theater at Walt Disney Studios Park, Disneyland Paris. Guests will have the opportunity to travel back in time, to Paris at the turn of the 19th century. They will get a peak at a Magician’s atelier. His assistant is no other than Mickey. The Magician … Read more

Disney Illuminations

Disney Illuminations was introduced as the new nighttime spectacular for Disneyland Paris at the start of its 25th anniversary. The official opening to the public was on March 26th, 2017, with soft-opening on March 25th, 2017. Before official unveiling to the public, we were treated on a behind the scenes, and a special preview of … Read more

The Jungle Book Jive

Jungle Book Jive debuted during the Lion King and Jungle Festival in 2019. This fan-favorite brings your favorite Disney Characters, dancing, singing and day-time fireworks together. In approximately 25 minutes you are taken on a journey through the jungle. What is Jungle Book Jive Disneyland Paris describes the show as followed: Throw your hands up … Read more

Mickey’s Halloween Harvest Celebration

The official parade during the Halloween/Fall Festival at Disneyland Paris. During fall it is also harvest time, and for this Mickey and friends are holding a special parade with colorful floats. The floats lead by the Harvest Queen Daisy. Many Disney Characters participate in this parade, some of them even adorn a special Halloween outfit. … Read more

Lion King: Rhythm of the Pride Lands

Lion King: Rhythm of the Pride Lands debuted during the Lion King and Jungle Festival in 2019. The show has its home in the newly renovated Frontierland Theater which was completely demolished and was rebuilt to provide guests attending shows a better view of the theater. Lion King: Rhythm of the Pride Lands Is a … Read more

Disney Sterren op Parade

Disney Stars on Parade werd ge├»ntroduceerd voor de 25e verjaardag van Disneyland Parijs. Het had een soft opening op 25 maart, en werd officieel onthuld op 26 maart 2017. De parade heeft acht praalwagens die de gasten Unieke Werelden laten ontdekken. Het themalied heet “Lost in the Magic”. De muziek geschreven door Mark Hammond, de … Read more

Disney Stars on Parade

Disney Stars on Parade was introduced for the 25th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris. It had a soft opening┬á on March 25th, and was officially revealed on March 26th, 2017. The parade has eight floats helping guests discover Unique Worlds. The theme song is called “Lost in the Magic”. The music written by Mark Hammond, the … Read more