Disney Illuminations

Between the following dates, this nighttime spectacular will run.

  • Start date: March 26, 2017
  • End date: No confirmed end date yet

Currently Disney Illuminations is not available due to health and safety measures for Covid-19.

This nighttime spectacular is normally presented daily at park closure.

20 minutes

The Castle is used as the backdrop. Best viewing areas are in front of the castle, on Central Plaza, and down Main Street USA

This nighttime spectacular has been running for the following years: 2017 -

Disney Illuminations

Disney Illuminations was introduced as the new nighttime spectacular for Disneyland Paris at the start of its 25th anniversary. The official opening to the public was on March 26th, 2017, with soft-opening on March 25th, 2017. Before official unveiling to the public, we were treated on a behind the scenes, and a special preview of the opening scene.

All Disney Illuminations Scenes explained

For this nighttime spectacular, Mickey Mouse is the host. Mickey will take guests on a journey through  various animation and movie high lights.

Scene 1 – Opening

The nighttime spectacular starts with a voice-over in French and English:

Within each of us is a dreamer, just waiting to be awakened.
We all have the magic to unlock this inner child.
But sometimes, that inner child needs an invitation to come out and play.
This is your invitation… to dream.

While guests hear Heather Headley sing “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”, the host Mickey Mouse is visible on the castle, and travels through several magical worlds of colors, flowers, stars and more. We also see a quick cameo by Olaf and Dumbo.

Music: A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes from Cinderella

Scene 2 – Lion King

While Mickey flies around on a butterfly, a sun appears and the music fades. A lion cub appears on the sun, and Mickey lifts the sun and sees Timon sleeping. Timon wakes up abruptly and starts dancing. In the back we hear the quintessential “Nants ingonyama” from the Lion King. The music transitions into Circle Of Life. 

After that the music fades over into Can You Feel The Love Tonight and we see several animations of Simba and Nala. This scene relies heavily on the water fountains which are available at Disneyland Paris. As soon as the music goes into a climax, soft fireworks can be seen around the castle.

Mickey appears again, walking along the tree which formed a bridge over the water. While looking at butterflies he falls into the water.

Music: Circle Of Life, Can You Feel The Love Tonight from The Lion King

Scene 3 – The Little Mermaid

We see Mickey going deeper and deeper underwater. Than Ariel appears and starts singing Part of your World in French. On the castle, we see several projections from the Little Mermaid animation classic. When the love story between Ariel and Eric becomes more prominent, the water fountains spray water higher up in the air, and fireworks light up the sky. While Ariel hits the final notes from Part of your World, the music swells on, to transition to the next scene.

Music: Part of your World from The Little Mermaid

Scene 4 – Finding Nemo

As we stay underwater, Nemo and his father Marlin appear. Nemo’s friends appear alongside their teacher Mr Ray, swimming through the ocean. At that point Bruce appears, calling for Nemo. In the back we can see several sea mines, and when Bruce swims away, his tail his one of these mines, causing an explosion.

When the water explosion disappears, Crush with one of his sons appear. Crush rides the wave which was formed by the explosion. Later we also see Mickey appear on a surfboard, while he falls off the surfboard, the scene fades into the next one.

Music: Finding Nemo, The Turtle Lope from Finding Nemo

Scene 5 – Pirates of the Caribbean

While Mickey fell of his surfboard and disappears under water a treasure chest appears. When it opens, Mickey swims by and several golden Pirates coins appear. As soon as Captain Jack appears, a projected fight on the castle starts. The water fountains and the fireworks make sure that onlookers are aware that it is a huge fight. The fight ends with a large skull. When the fight ends, Mickey flies across the screen. And flames engulf the castle. The music fades over to the next scene.

Music: He’s a Pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean

Scene 6 – Beauty and the Beast (live action)

When Disney Illuminations premiered, the live action version of Beauty and the Beast was still in theaters. This scenes shows several scenes of the live action film with Emma Watson projected on to the castle. At the end of the scene, the star on the top of the castle lights up and Mickey appears again. When he looks up and down the castle, he can see a butterfly, and later balloons.

Music: How Does A Moment Last Forever from Beauty and the Beast

Scene 7 – Star Wars

At the start of this scene, we can see the balloons that Mickey saw at the end of the previous scene pull up the castle. With some great project mapping, the castle disappears and and Han Solo and Chewie appears. When Han Solo speaks the words: “Chewie, we’re home”, several projections show scenes from the most recent Star Wars movie. The use of lasers and solid color fireworks make you believe you are in an epic space battle. Some of the new main characters like Rey, and Kylo Ren also make an appearance in these projections.

Music: Star Wars Theme, March of the Resistance from Star Wars

Scene 8 – Frozen

And what would a nighttime spectacular be without some Frozen? While Mickey is chasing some ice crystals, Let It Go can be heard. The castle projection show how Elsa  starts her journey to the ice castle. The fireworks and water fountains add to the power of the song.

When Else turns around and closes the door to the ice castle, Anna is seen walking around the icy landscape. While snow engulfs the castle, Anna and Elsa do sing-off. The castle features several scenes from the movie.

When Anna is struck, and gets frozen. The song Vuelie can be heard (“Na na na heyana, Hahiyaha naha”). While the singing continues, the music, projections and fireworks transition into the last scene.

Music: Let It Go, For the First Time in Forever (Reprise), Vuelie from Frozen

Scene 9 – A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

While the song “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” is heard again, Mickey enters the scene on a butterfly. The projects on the castle transition into projects from the various scenes which were shown earlier on and some additional ones.

While Mickey hops on Dumbo’s back, colorful fireworks, and projections can be seen. Mickey appears one more time, and the final fireworks are shown.

Music: A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes from Cinderella

End Titles – If You Can Dream

While guests leave, several colors are projected onto the castle. During the 25th anniversary it showed a large “25”. Later on these numbers were removed, and now guests just see colors in the shape of the castle.

Music: If You Can Dream from Disney Princess: The Ultimate Song Collection

Facts about Disney Illuminations

  • When Disney Illuminations debuted, it replaced Disney Dreams
  • Disney Illuminations is based on Ignite the Dream, the nighttime spectacular at Shanghai Disneyland
  • Heather Headley sings “A Dream is a Wish your heart makes” from Cinderella used in the first and last scene
  • The If You Can Dream (used at the end) is a song that was written specially for the Disney Princess franchise. It features the voice of Jodi Benson as Ariel, Judy Kuhn as Pocahontas, Paige O’Hara as Belle, Lea Salonga as Jasmine and Mulan, Christie Houser as Aurora and Susan Stevens Logan as Cinderella