New Pin Releases Disneyland Paris September 2017

Published: September 13, 2017 / Last Updated: September 13, 2017 / By: Arvid Bux

New Pins are coming to Disneyland Paris in September. September is going to be a busy day at the resort with runDisney, the Food Festival and Oktoberfest. The 25th Anniversary is still going strong as well. Most of these pins are related to these events. On the bottom of this page you can see the flyer that shows you all pins including important information.

Friday September 15

New Star Wars pins will be released. Besides the Star Wars Logo Episode 8, all others are mystery pins. Looking forward to what these will be.

Disneyland Paris - Pins - September 2017 - Star Wars

Saturday September 16

Disneyland Paris - Pins - September 2017 - Limited EditionThree new Limited Edition pins, which can be bought exclusively at the Pueblo Trading Post in Frontierland. These three pins are linked to the 25th Anniversary;

Tinkerbell in her Anniversary outfit along one of the Main Street USA Lights. This pin also has a link to autumn. On the bottom the Anniversary icon can be seen.

Wendy in her 25th Anniversary outfit, holding a star (the second to the right?) and is featured in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. The banner shows the Anniversary Logo.

Stars from the jungle book are on the last limited edition pin. Although it is a 25th Anniversary Limited Edition pin. No actual 25th Anniversary imagery is shown on the pin.

All three pins are limited to 700 each. This means that they will sell out. Not all of them really fast, but I guess that Tinkerbell and Wendy might be sold out before the end of the day.

runDisney Weekend

During the runDisney weekend, 11 different pins and one lanyard can be purchased. Besides the lanyard, the pins are all limited edition with each their own quantity. As you can only purchase these pins at the expo, they will be hard to come by for non-runDisney participants. Participants can also pre-order these pins via the runDisney website. This way you make sure you actually get the pin for the distance you are running.

Disneyland Paris - Pins - September 2017 - runDisney

Saturday September 30

The last day of the month shows the release of two pins featuring Mickey. One only his head, and the other also in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. The pins have designs that are related to the Day of the Dead festivities which take place on November 2.

Disneyland Paris - Pins - September 2017 - Mickey

Pin Trading Day

On Saturday September 30 Pin Trading Day will take place at Pueblo Trading Post in Frontierland. This Ping Trading Day also has its own pin featuring Princess Aurora.

Disneyland Paris - Pins - September 2017 - Pin Trading Day

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