Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary

On April 12 2017, it is exactly 25 years that Disneyland Paris, back then known as EuroDisney, opened its doors. The team at Disneyland Paris is making sure that the Anniversary will be amazing.Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary

The park has been receiving a full renovation in the last year making sure that the park is as sparkling as it was 25 years ago. Along with the renovations several other new things have been announced:

More information on the parade can be found here. And a behind the scenes look at the Costume Department shows you the works that have been done on the Princess Dresses.

We will be visiting Disneyland Paris on March 26 and on the day of the 25th (after which we will start our DisneyRTW).

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Important Dates

There are several important dates to keep in mind:

  • Sunday March 26th 2017 is the first day that the Anniversary will start
  • Wednesday April 12th 2017 is the actual Anniversary of Disneyland Paris
  • No end date has been announced yet

You can see more information about the schedule on our special 25th Anniversary Schedule page.

News about the 25th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris