Things to Know when Avengers Campus opens at Disneyland Paris

Published: May 30, 2022 / Last Updated: July 11, 2022 / By: Arvid Bux

We finally have a date, Avengers Campus is set to open on July 20 at Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris. To make sure you will make the most out of your visit to this new land, we prepared this guide; Things to Know when Avengers Campus opens at Disneyland Paris.


We were invited by Disneyland Paris to be part of the official opening of this new land. We wrote a review of everything you can expect at Avengers Campus.


When you are fighting alongside your superheroes, you will get hungry at a certain time. For this, there are two dining locations at Avengers Campus. A quick-service restaurant Stark Factory, and a sit-down restaurant, buffet-style, PYM Kitchen. Throughout the land, you will find some other eateries like WEB – Worldwide Eating Brigade, FAN-tastic Food Truck, and Super Diner.

Stark Factory

Stark Factory can be found all the way in the back of the land, opposite the rethemed rollercoaster: Avengers Assemble: Flight Force. The restaurant is a high-tech workspace and quick-service kitchen where Super Heroes come to build and repair their gear.

Formerly an assembly line for Howard Stark, it features relics of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s earlier activities. It will also be host to many “Easter Eggs” hidden as fan tributes including artifacts built by Tony Stark and the impressive HulkBuster – the armor he created with the help of Bruce Banner for the Hulk, which is exclusive to Disneyland Paris.

Stark Factory is a quick-service restaurant where you can pizzas, salads, or pasta. The signature dessert will be inspired by the God of Thunder Thor.

The full menu and pricing can be found in our Avengers Campus Food Options guide.

PYM Kitchen

Once you enter Avengers Campus from the Production Courtyard, you will find PYM Kitchen on the left while on the right you will see the new Spider-Man attraction. At PYM Kitchen you will find a huge variety of food at size-defying scales. You can power up with a buffet of unusually-sized mains and snacks –all prepared by a team of super-smart chefs using Ant-Man and The Wasp’s PYM Particles Shrinking and growing technology.

The full menu and pricing can be found in our Avengers Campus Food Options guide.

Other Food and Beverage Options

Throughout the land, you will find some other food and beverage options. Each one will have its own offering:

  • WEB – Worldwide Eating Brigade: Asian noodles & coconut balls
  • FAN-tastic Food Truck: NY-style hot dogs, Vegan sausages, Cheesecake on a stick
  • Super Diner at the location of Cafe des Cascadeurs: Reuben sandwiches as take away only


When Avengers Campus opens at Walt Disney Studios Park, it will be host to two attractions. One retheming of an existing attraction, and a brand new one.

Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure

Opposite PYM Kitchen, and in the shadows of Tower of Terror you will find Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure. This ride is a copy of the one already at Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim.

The premise of the attraction is, that Peter Parker (Spider-Man) developed a spider-bot that can replicate itself. Unfortunately, the Spider-Bots get stuck in replication mode and escape from a WEB Workshop. Spider-Man will have to stop them and asks you to help him. You will hop aboard a WEB Slinger Vehicle where you will wear 3D glasses. Using your arms, you will show webs toward the Spider-Bots and help Spider-Man save the day. Over at Mission Equipment, you can buy web-shooters that can help enhance the experience of the attraction.

There is no minimum height to experience Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure.

Avengers Assemble: Flight Force

At the back of the land, opposite Stark Factory, you will find Avengers Assemble: Flight Force. This attraction is a retheming of the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.

The storyline of Avengers Assemble: Flight Force goes as followed: Tony Stark is monitoring a Kree threat and Captain Marvel is in space chasing them out. He can’t get in touch with other Heroes, but the Avengers Campus recruits are ready to step up to save the planet! (thanks to DLPReport for sharing the storyline)

The attraction description: Heroes wanted! Team up with Iron Man and Captain Marvel to help them save the world from an intergalactic threat. Earth is counting on you! Riders need to have a minimum height of 1.20m.

Character Experiences

Avengers Unite

On the rooftops of Avengers Campus, you will be presented with Avengers Unite. This show sees enemy forces try and infiltrate Avengers Campus, luckily the Avengers are prepared.

Patrolling Avengers

Throughout the land, Avengers are patrolling the streets, they will be joined by the ADV, Avengers Deployment Vehicle, which will make sure that the Avengers can get anywhere fast.

Meet the Superheroes

It wouldn’t be a perfect day without meeting your favorite superheroes. They will show off their tech, armor, and their best battle stances.

Perfect your powers

To become the best recruit, you need to perfect your powers. Enlist for a training session with Spider-Man, Iron Man, and their fellow Avengers.


Of course, when you visit Avengers Campus, you want to go home with a souvenir or two. The land will be host to one dedicated store, Mission Equipment. But of course, throughout the park, you will find more Marvel-themed merchandise.

Mission Equipment

Over at Mission Equipment, you will find all the Marvel merchandise you can dream of. Alongside the Spider-Bot you will also find web-shooters that enhance your experience when you ride Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure.


In order to fight alongside your favorite superheroes, you need a place to stay. And while there are several hotels near Disneyland Paris, there is also a special Marvel-themed hotel available to book.

Hotel New York – the Art of Marvel

To make your trip even more Marvelous, you can stay at Hotel New York – the Art of Marvel. With 471 Superior Rooms, 65 Empire State Club rooms, and 25 Suites dedicated to Spider-Man, the Avengers, or other MARVEL Super Heroes –the hotel offers a Manhattan-style, four-star service, and accommodations right down to its food and beverages. Unique restaurant and bar concepts celebrate MARVEL art with menu offerings inspired by many New York specialties and a full range of Marvel-themed meals and drinks. You can book the hotel here.

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