Food Options Avengers Campus Disneyland Paris

Published: June 20, 2022 / Last Updated: June 20, 2022 / By: Arvid Bux

Avengers Campus Disneyland Paris is house to two restaurants; Quick service and an all-you-can-eat.

Stark Factory

Stark Factory is an a la carte restaurant with the following menu options:


  • Refuel Bowl: Frisée lettuce, crispy bacon, poached egg, croutons, and cherry tomatoes – €8,50
  • Vegan Hyper Bowl: Frisée lettuce, smoked tofu, a mix of bulgur and quinoa, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, and carrot julienne, sesame and soy vinaigrette – €8,50
  • Side salad: Frisée lettuce and cherry tomatoes  – €3,30


  • Parma Pizza: Pizza dough, tomato sauce, mozzarella, parma ham, and arugula salad –  €14,00
  • Stracciatella Pizza: Pizza dough, tomato sauce, Mozzarella, olives, and stracciatella –  €14,00
  • 4 Seasons Pizza: Pizza dough, tomato sauce, mozzarella, half-dried cherry tomatoes, artichoke, and yellow peppers –  €14,00


  • Parmesan Cheese Sauce Macaroni: Parmesan and cream sauce – €13,00
  • Bolognese Sauce Trivelli: bolognese sauce – €13,00
  • Vegan Neapolitan Penette: Neapolitan Sauce and Basal – €13,00


Next to the standard offering of a beer, cold drinks, and coffee/tea. The following signature drinks will be offered:

  • Innocent Plus Fa-Bu-Blue – €4,30
  • Innocent Plus Energie- €4,30
  • Innocent Super Smoothie Recharge- €4,30


  • The Thunder Cake: Caramel, milk chocolate entremet – €5,00
  • Fruit bag – €4,00
  • Yogurt on a fruit layer – €3,00

Ice Cream

  • Vanilla Flavor Strawberry Sauce – €3,50
  • Magnum Vegan Almond – €4,00


  • Half Pizza: Straciatelle Pizza or Parma Pizza or 4 Seasons Pizza – €7,00
  • Cherry Tomatoes – €2,80
  • Organic Mini Babybel Cheese (2 pieces) – €2,30
  • Organic Apple Puree (no added sugar) – €2,30

PYM Kitchen

PYM Kitchen is an all-you-can-eat restaurant, with the adult menu costing €42,00 and it includes a starter, choice of amain course, and a dessert. The kids’ menu is €30,00.

Starter Selection

  • Freekeh and smoked salmon ancestral salad
  • Soybean Molecular Salad (vegan)
  • Caesar Salad and colossal Croutons
  • Shrimp and Blue “serum” mayonnaise
  • Salmon Tartare

Main Courses

  • Subatomic burger and Mini burger: lettuce, tomato, melted cheddar cheese, and mille iles sauce
  • Subatomic pretzel: Smoked salmon, horseradish cantadou cheese, and arugula salad
  • Wheat strips and chickpeas (vegan)
  • Jumbo Jambalaya
  • Glazed salmon with Asian spices
  • Sides: crumble from vegetables, glazed rainbow carrots, and giant fusilli pasta


  • Gigantic Strawberry dessert
  • Maxi cake and PYM-ini cakes, blue custard
  • The Wasp Cells (with honey)
  • Pear Crumble (vegan)
  • Infinite Pecan Pie
  • Mni Cheesecake with Kiri

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