Review Avengers Campus Disneyland Paris

This review is based on our visit from July 9, 2022 to July 10, 2022 (Last Updated: July 12, 2022)

Finally, the time has come (well almost); Avengers Campus has officially opened at Disneyland Paris. Last weekend we were invited, and hosted, by Disneyland Paris to experience all that the new land has to offer.

Let’s go over everything that we were able to experience during the Press Event on July 9, and InsidEars event on July 10, 2022. Feel free to use the Table of Content to jump to the section that is of your interest.

Overall look and feel of Avengers Campus

As a new recruit, you might wonder why Tony Stark built Avengers Campus here in Marne-la-Vallée. The backstory to this location is that Howard Stark, Tony’s dad, had a factory right here in Marne-la-Vallée when he was working with Shield. So when Tony had to settle on a location for an Avengers Campus in Europe, he chose the former location of his dad’s factory.

As soon as you walk into the land (there are two entrances/exits – behind the Tower of Terror, and through Production Courtyard) it feels different from the other things you can experience in Walt Disney Studios. The use of all the trees and bushes makes it feel like an actual campus. Unlike an actual studio lot, the buildings are asymmetrical. This along with the skewed sight lines makes the area feel much larger. We spent hours in the land, and I still have I have explored the entire land yet.

Each building has its unique design, and even its own address (we are on a campus!). It feels like something that grew organically, but it also feels like a cohesive land. Hard to explain, but you will know what I talk about when you set foot in the land.

We were lucky enough to experience the land as well at night, and we have to say that adds an entirely different layer to it. Each building has its own unique lighting, and that along with the trees and bushes brings it all to life. The pavement looks great, and the blue and green squares give a nice futuristic design, something that Tony Stark would also sign off on.

The design of the various buildings also speaks to its imagination. From PYM Kitchen which feels like an actual lab on the outside, with the concrete down, and the large glass door which leads to your through the Quantum Tunnel.  Stark Factory really is reminiscent of an older factory. On the outside that is shown by the use of the brickwork, and once you enter you see the Hulkbuster standing there in the doorway. What an entrance.

W.E.B. Adventure seems like one of the buildings that is still fairly new, and they are not sure on whether it will stick around (you never know with Spider-Man). The design is a lot more whimsical. Flight Force has one of the nicest facades we have ever seen. How cool is it that F.R.I.D.A.Y. wraps around it? Moving to the last building is Training Center, and this just really looks like a building you would go to after you have been recruited by the Avengers and go for your first day of training. The use of glass gives it an open and calm feel.

While we spent a good amount of hours in the land, I want to go back, and just take some time and sit at various spots in the land to just take it all in.

F.R.I.D.A.Y and the Quintet

The center points of this new land are F.R.I.D.A.Y and the Quintet. Both can be seen from almost anywhere in the land, and they draw you to the big Avengers A which can be found in the middle of the land.

During the Press Preview, the QuinJet provided a great stage for the dedication and announcements. On the Sunday, several times a day characters would make their way up there, and interact with the guests.

F.R.I.D.A.Y plays a pivotal role in the land. When F.R.I.D.A.Y interacts with guests or with characters, she will light up, and the different patterns she creates really help in understanding the emotion of what is happening or is about to happen. No matter where you are in the land, once F.R.I.D.A.Y is activated you can hear her, and this will pique your interest to see what is going on.

To me, both F.R.I.D.A.Y and the Quintet are the weenie to the land. Drawing guests into the land while they explore all the different areas. Nice addition: F.R.I.D.A.Y speaks English and French, ensuring inclusivity of all (well almost all) guests alike.

Avengers Assemble: Flight Force

In the back of the land, you will find Avengers Assemble: Flight Force. F.R.I.D.A.Y is covering part of the show building which makes it very pleasing to the eye. Flight Force is a re-imagination of the Rock ‘n Roller-c0aster which could be found on the exact same spot. The track layout etc is still the same, so for fans of RnRc, you can still enjoy part of what used to be. For Flight Force, you can choose from Premier Access, Single Rider, or Standby.

The walk-up to the ride is great, and we loved the queue. Really nice finishing, all leading up to the briefing room where you will stand eye-to-eye with Iron Man. This animatronic is the first full-electric figure at Disneyland Paris and holds 33 functions. We were treated to this tidbit during the Creating Avengers Campus conference.

Iron Man and Captain Marvel set the scene for what is about to come. Kree Missles are threatening earth and Avengers Campus, and your help is needed. Also here we learned that the Disney Wish has a little Easter Egg that when you are dining at the Avengers: Quantum Encounter, Captain Marvel excuses herself as she has to go take care of some Kree Missles! Another great reference to Avengers Campus Anaheim is that Rocket is too busy bailing out the other Guardians of the Galaxy from the Collector’s fortress which is also known as Mission Breakout!

We rode the ride a few times with and without the pre-show, and not having the pre-show does make you lose some of the story. So while single rider is a good option when you just want to ride the coaster, however when you want to get the full experience and understand the story, it is recommended to go through the standard standby.

The ride vehicles got a nice refresh. The padding inside the vehicles is quite nice now. I remember that with the RnRc I would often bump my head against the harness. This was not the case this time. The launch sequence is great, and it really feels like you are going to fly after Iron Man.

We felt that the show building was too dark. Yes, we were able to catch some of the scenes, but those are not in abundance, so often you are just cruising through total darkness. This would also be the only complaint that we have: too much darkness. When you do see the scenes that progress the story, you get a clear view of Tony and Carol flying in space.

Once you exit the ride vehicle, you can use the new Photopass Kiosk to purchase your photo or to add it to your photo pass. This will really help guests grab their photos in a more efficient way. The kiosks were kinda slow but I think they might adjust this in the future (as this is just software).

So to sum up; Avengers Assemble: Flight Force is a great addition to the land, unique to Avengers Campus in Paris, and perfect for those thrill-seeking Avengers fans. Hopefully, in the future there might be some more light or effects during the ride itself, and who knows, maybe even a themed overlay for Christmas? (one can hope!)

Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure

The completely new ride to Walt Disney Studios Park is Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure. While it is a net-new addition to Disneyland Paris, it did replace an existing ride (Armageddon) and it is a carbon copy of what you can also find in Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park.

The premise of the ride is that you are attending an Open House at WEB, and things go wrong when the spider-bots that have been designed by Peter Parker keep on replicating. While Spider-Man is at hand to resolve the situation, he can use your help!

From the moment you walk in, you will notice the amazing show building that houses this ride. The rooftops of this building are also used to character shows and interactions. You enter the ride opposite PYM Kitchen. Also here there is an option to do Premier Access, Single Rider, or standby.

After a long elaborate queue with tons of things to look at and easter eggs to find, you will be guided into one of the two briefing rooms that are available. The pre-show is in French, with English subtitles available to the left. SHARIN speaks English.

After Peter Parker brings you up to speed, you leave the briefing room and walk through a small queue that holds some more easter eggs with the names of the Imagineers who worked on the ride. You grab the 3D glasses, and it is time to board the vehicle.

In the ride vehicle you put on your glasses, and it is off to the different scenes where you will start slinging your webs. You use either hand to stop the bots, and you can also pull stuff towards you. Each scene has its own unique challenge.

Scene 1 is in the loading area, you see spider-bots run around this large hall, and storage boxes and containers are placed all around. Scene 2 brings you to PYM lab, and you see things like a large pretzel and a donut. It is also here where a larger-than-life spider-bot appears that you need to stop. Scene 3 is what mostly looks like the Guardians of the Galaxy side ride, showing you the Tivan Collection. This might also feel out of place as this ride is available in Anaheim, but not in Paris. Moving on to scene 4, the last scene to gain points. This brings us outside at Avengers Campus. We see the QuinJet fly in front of the Studios building and now it is your moment to shine to get some more points.

After this, the ride is done, and you back to the load area. The exit of the ride brings you into Mission Equipment to do some WEB shopping.

I wrote on Twitter that I would have loved for the pre-show to have as the main language English, or more preferably a switch between French and English during the day so that more people can enjoy the pre-show. There are sub-titles, but those can be hard to see, especially when you are standing in the back, or when you are not that tall. And I would have gone for English as the primary language as that is also Tom Holland’s own language. The experience while on the ride vehicle is in French and English.

We loved doing this ride with friends. And even though we all claim not to be competitive, we all wanted to win personally, but also as a vehicle! Scores are tallied per rider, and per vehicle and it is matched up with what others have scored, and this makes it a super fun experience. Yes, we have Astro Blasters are Disneyland Park, but the way you can earn points is so different. For Anaheim, the critique is that there was already a shooter ride in the same park, and that is true. For Paris, this is not the case, and that makes it a great, unique experience that is fun for the entire family. I wouldn’t be too opposed to seeing similar as with Flight Force maybe some season overlays or changes to the scenes to keep the game fresh!

On Monday morning, after two days of slinging webs, I woke up with massive muscle pain. So I can confirm that Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure is a true workout!

Character Interactions

Training Center

A great way to meet your favorite superheroes is at the Training Center. This new way of meeting characters is nicely set up, although it feels weird in the beginning. This meet-and-greet location will work with virtual queues which can be made through the Disneyland Paris app (and not Lineberty!). Once it is your turn, you will walk up to the welcome desk, and you will be seated. No more standing in line, waiting for hours to meet your favorite superhero. Once you can walk in, it is just a matter of minutes before you can meet your favorite character.

When I was there for the preview I had the chance to meet Iron Man. But these rooms are built in such a way that they can change according to the character that is meeting with recruits. Just before I walked in, the CM asked what language I spoke, and I saw him press a button. Iron Man started speaking English to me, while the recruit just ahead of me spoke fluent French with Iron Man. This is such a nice thing to do, and can really help recruits feel included in the story.

After a few quick photos, I also had the opportunity to take a motion photo that uses a camera rig to take multiple photos in quick succession. Those are stitched together to give you the motion photo. As far as we know, this motion photo is not included in the standard photopass and would require an additional purchase of 15 euros.

Overall it took me about 5 minutes to go through the whole experience. I can imagine on busy days when the virtual queueing is active that it might take a little bit longer, but at least you don’t have to stand for hours to meet your favorite character. I think that this new way of doing a meet ‘n greet, or as it is called Heroic Encounter, is the way forward. Instead of spending time in line, I can roam around the land, purchase some merchandise, or have dinner. All this adds to the satisfaction of us guests.

Ant-man and the Wasp

When you enter the park there is a little meet ‘n greet area, Gateway Portal, with Ant-Man and the Wasp. We lined up to meet the Wasp, and after that went back in line to meet Ant-Man. So do check with the Cast Member who can be found at the entrance to the queue, so you know who you would meet.

It is a nice little area to meet characters, and we had a great interaction with both of them. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a miniaturized backlot. It was at times hard to hear them speak as they are wearing their helmets. A small microphone inside the helmet and a speaker on the outside might solve this.

I would definitely meet up with them again. Not sure whether other characters would appear here as well, or if you have to go over to the Training Center to meet them. Time will tell I guess

Avengers with the ADV

You won’t really see a cavalcade come through Avengers Campus, but Tony Stark did create the ADV: Avengers Deployment Vehicle. This vehicle can be used by Avengers to drive around the campus (cavalcade style)  or to be deployed to where they need to be to ensure the security of the recruits.

We saw this truck drive through Avengers Campus a few times, and it actually looks really cool.

Loki and Thor

Several times a day you will see (and hear) the two brothers from Asgard walk around. We have seen instances where they interact together with guests near the entrance of Mission Equipment where you can find the Asgard Pedestal. Here recruits can test whether they are worthy and lift the Mjölnir. (Park-goers might recognize this as the Sword in the Stone which would take place behind the Castle). But we also have seen that Loki goes his own way, and brings some recruits along with him.

It is such a great interaction and as what we saw a true crowdpleaser! Guests loved it, and couldn’t get enough of Thor and Loki. When the show is not on, recruits don’t really think the Pedestal as something that might be so integral to a storyline on the campus.

Roaming around

Avengers Campus really brings their recruits in-story, and that is noticeable when all of a sudden you bump into Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, or Captain Marvel. The characters will not line up for you to take photos, but they are more than willing to have a quick chat with you or take a quick selfie before they walk further. This to me is exactly what makes this land at the moment. It just gives a feel that you are on a real campus and that the Avengers are just going about their day.


The Amazing Spider-Man

Avengers Campus in California has a stuntronic, but we have our own Spider-Man who does tons of stunts on the rooftops of the W.E.B. building. It is not a super long show, but it is amazing to see what Spider-Man can do. And the fact that it is not a stuntronic, Spider-Man can also adjust the show a little to what he thinks works best. The interaction with recruits down on the street is great and adds to what is being presented.

Avengers Unite

What is Avengers Campus without one of the bad guys trying to take over the campus or steal something that is stored there? And that is exactly what Avengers Unite is. Black Widow and Black Panther fight off Task Master while he and his crew try to steal some vibranium. Luckily in the end the Avengers are victorious, and as always Spider-Man is too late for the action.

Including the rooftops of Mission Equipment in placemaking means that the action takes place high above the new recruits, making it so that almost everybody can see what is happening. We were pleased that we were able to see more from this show, than from its cousin in Anaheim where the architecture of the building doesn’t really help with viewing angles.

Great show to look at, and as they are using actual performers, I hope they are able to mix up the story from time to time and maybe even introduce some new characters as well.

Guardians of the Galaxy Dance-off

A fan favorite from Marvel Summer of Superheroes is also back at Avengers Campus: Guardians of the Galaxy Dance-off. Join Starlord and Gamora and show off your best dance moves. I love how this show has been upgraded and fits in with the rest of Avengers Campus. F.R.I.D.A.Y and Rocket can be heard over the Soundsystem, and Starlord and Gamora are both invited to have a chat with Tony Stark.

I was already a huge fan of Guardians of the Galaxy Dance-off when it was part of the seasonal offering, and now that it has a permanent home at Avengers Campus, I need to work on my dance the whole year. Tons of fun for the whole family. How awesome is it to see your child dance along with some of the greatest of the Galaxy, or see your dad all of a sudden bust out his 80s moves?

You can find the dance-off a few times a day, opposite the entrance to Stark Factory.

Warriors of Wakanda: The Disciplines of the Dora Milaje

When you hear the drums, you better get over to the little area opposite the entrance of Stark Factory as the Dora Milaje is on its way. The Dora Milaje are a troop of Wakandan special forces, a group of tribal women who served as bodyguards to King T’Chaka during his reign as the Black Panther and, now, T’Challa.

During the show, General Okoye will be looking for new recruits. And after she and her group have shown some of the moves, they invite other recruits to join in. The group of tribal women wants to create a “new generation of warrior allies” but at the same also allows each recruit to become their own hero.

The show is so powerful, and the music just adds to the overall hype you get when you experience it. We watched it a few times in California, and were super excited this show is also part of Avengers Campus in Paris, and it didn’t disappoint!


Over at Mission Equipment, which is also the exit of W.E.B. Adventure, you can find all the merchandise of the land. At the moment no AP or Cast Member discounts are offered but they would return in September. Also, only 5 items per unit can be purchased per transaction. I hope this somehow stops scalpers from buying large quantities, and give guests who visit the land for the first time to find the merchandise they are looking for. On both days, the store was well stocked, and we didn’t see anybody walk around, or leave the land with tons of merchandise.

We will create a separate post with some photos of the merch (it is a lot), we have to say we are very pleased with the variety of merchandise you can find. Tons of stuff for kids and adults alike. In Mission Equipment you can also find the enhancements that can help you get a better score at W.E.B. Adventure. While we felt most merchandise was priced nicely, I do think that the way the web slingers are configured and sold can get quite expensive. As the most basic thing will already set you back 30 euros, and that is without any theming!

Dining at Avengers Campus

See all dining options and their menus on our special Avengers Campus food options page.

PYM Kitchen

During the previews we attended, we couldn’t dine at PYM Kitchen, but we did have the opportunity to have a quick peek into the restaurant itself, and we had some of its dessert options at Stark Factory.

The exterior of the building looks great and fits in perfectly with the theme. The entrance to the restaurant is amazing, and really gives you the feeling you are walking into an experiment and are about to be shrunk.

At Stark Factory I had the opportunity to taste the tiny Oreo cookies and the super-sized donut. And both tasted great. You can’t really mess up with an Oreo cookie, but the donut had a great texture and flavor. It still tasted like a donut which was amazing, but it could easily fill your entire plate (we were only given a small piece).

Stark Factory

Stark Factory was available to us both days to have lunch or dinner. I can tell you that the pizza that is made onsite can be smelled from almost anywhere in the land. This will truly guide you to Stark Factory to have a taste.

At the restaurant, we had the option to try pasta, pizza, or salad. As we had more opportunities to eat there, we tried it all. Of all offers, I must say that the pizza was my favorite (there are a few options). The dough was nice and fluffy, and there were a lot of toppings on it. It is also a decent size, which can be shared by two smaller eaters, and for an adult that normally eats full meals, it could actually fill their stomach. The only point of discussion could be the price which is 14 euros. I would expect a drink, a salad, or a dessert to be combined with it for that price.

I love that the pizza was made right there and then. So you can see them make the pizza, put it in the oven, and later serve it. It just adds a lot more life to the overall restaurant than just seeing it being passed to the front through a little window.

The pasta we tried was the standard bolognese which was a little bit lackluster when it came down to the flavor. I was definitely expecting more of a flavor, or maybe even a little spicy taste to it. There are packets of oil, chili, and other condiments, but having a little bit more flavor would be nice. The portion was big though, and I struggled to finish it.

The third option is a salad. We tried two different salads and while they are nicely filled, also here flavor is lacking. You can grab some dressing, and also here, chili is available, to spice it up a little, but it would be nice to have some more flavor to start off with. The different salads are nice, and even for a non-salad eater like myself, it was good.

When you do have the time, we recommend you walk around the seating area. In one of the rooms, you will find storage containers hanging from the ceiling that contain all kinds of references to the various Marvel movies and tv shows.

In the other room, you will find Peggy Carter’s office. The story has it that while renovating the factory, they found her office behind this wall. Do go and explore, as you can find some amazing references to her storyline.

A nice addition to Stark Factory is also the outdoor seating area. You can grab your food items, and go sit outside. Much needed outdoor seating and I am here for it.

Worldwide Eating Brigade – WEB

The first food truck you will see is the Worldwide Eating Brigade. Here you can grab some Asian noodles & coconut balls.

The noodles were quite tasty, although for some the flavor of ginger might be too much. There are vegetables in the shape of letters in the noodle dish, leading to recruits trying to form words with them. Of course, the easiest word (if you have all letters) would be WEB.

The coconut balls were unfortunately warmed up with a microwave. We are used to eating them chilled, so it came as a surprise that they were heated up. While speaking to some other recruits we were told that this is how this dish is served in France, and its many Chinese restaurants. Having that said, we would still like to try it once as a chilled dish. Oh… and finally we have chopsticks at the resort!

FAN-Tastic Food Truck

If you are looking for some hot dogs, you can grab these at this location. I tried the incredible hot dog and the cheesecake on a stick as a dessert. The hot dogs are prepared inside the truck itself, so later on in the day, the line became a little longer. The hot dog has a nice little themed sleeve and tasted really good. I love the additional bacon, and the mix of ketchup and mustard gave it that little extra.

I would definitely go grab my hot dog here instead of at Casey’s Corner. The cheesecake on a stick was good. I would love to see them replace the standard magnum ice cream with this offering.

The truck itself is covered in amazing little Avengers and Marvel Easter Eggs, including photos of a trip Imagineer Beth Clappteron made with that actual food truck. Clapperton visited several other Avengers-related locations and featured the truck in the photos.

Super Diner

Disneyland Paris fans will recognize this dining location as Cafe des Cascadeurs. With the new land, this location has been renamed, Super Diner, and received some overall attention. During the preview this location wasn’t open yet, so we couldn’t try it.

As soon as it opens, new recruits can pick up a Reuben Sandwich and other Grab ‘n Go items. Super Diner will offer a nice outdoor seating area which is always much needed in the park.

Final Thoughts

Avengers Campus was exactly what Disneyland Paris needed. And to place, this land inside Walt Disney Studios Park was a great idea, especially with the other work that is done to upgrade this entire park. WDS definitely went from a half-day park to a park where you can spend an entire day. Yes, there are always a few remarks here and there, but I do think that with the new rides, and restaurants fans will love it.

Now that I have experienced Avengers Campus, I can’t wait to see what other things the Imagineers are bringing to Walt Disney Studio Park with the lake and Frozen.

As was confirmed during the “Creating Avengers Campus” conference, the land will be receiving timely updates (mostly in the form of Character Interactions) that will go hand-in-hand with the releases of new movies and TV shows. This will make sure that guests want to come back, over and over again.

I do hope that there might be a consideration to actually offer a nighttime show in Avengers Campus and offer guests two different nighttime shows and with that draw some of the crowds to the other park on certain nights.

The streetmosphere was in abundance during the preview, and it really adds to the overall feel of the land. While I understand that during slow days, this might be cut in frequency, or in the amount of streetmosphere, I hope that this offering will keep going strong for years to come.

Having all that said, I hope guests are Ready to Assemble and become recruits at Avengers Campus Paris.

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