Disneyland Paris extends Annual Passes with days the resort was closed

Published: June 26, 2020 / Last Updated: May 29, 2021 / By: Arvid Bux

Disneyland Paris made the decision to extend existing Annual Passes with the number of days the resort was closed. Of course this only applies to AP holders whose Annual Pass was still valid when the resort closed.

AP holders don’t have to take any action, the system will be updated automatically. This does mean that the expiration date on the Annual Pass itself will no longer show the correct date.

How many days are added to my Annual Pass

We calculated how many days have been added for each closure.

Days added for first closure

When the resort opened again on July 15, the resort had been closed for 123 days. As an additional good-will gesture and a thank-you, 30 more days were added. Bringing the total to 153 days.

The first closure was from March 14 until July 15, 2020. It was initially planned that the resort would close its doors end of day on March 15, but it was brought in by two days and the resort closed its doors end of day on Friday March 13, 2020.

Days added for the second closure

The resort has announced that it will be reopening on Jun 17. This means that Annual Passes will receive an extension of 230 days. No additional days will be added like what happened after the first closure.

Disneyland Paris - Annual Pass new expiration - second closure

The second closure was from October 29, 2020 until June 17, 2021. It was initially planned that the resort would open for Christmas. Later on the resort planned to open it doors for February which got pushed to April which eventually got pushed to June.

Days added for changes to reservations rules

Late May Disneyland Paris announced changes to how many active reservations an AP holders can have. As a gesture current Annual Passes will be extended with 60 days.

How to find your new Annual Pass Expiration Date

You can review the new expiration date by visiting the following website. You will see the new expiry date on the homepage. While this page is only meant for Infinity Annual Pass holders, at the moment all Annual Pass Holders can visit this page.

The duration of an Annual Pass and its benefits (depending on the Annual Pass type) have been extended by the number of days the Parks were temporarily closed, starting from the original expiry date of the Annual Pass.

Quick math shows that your Annual Pass should be extended with 443 days;

  • Closure 1: 123 days
  • Good-will/Thank you after closure 1: 30 days
  • Closure 2: 230 days
  • AP Reservation Rule Changes: 60 days

How about the days I couldn’t visit due to country restrictions

For several Disneyland Paris fans it wasn’t possible the resort even when it was open due to stricter rules imposed by their own country, or by France. For an answer we reached out to Disneyland Paris and we were informed that those days are not being added. This means that all AP holders will get the same extension.

Question about visiting Disneyland Paris with an Annual Pass

We have combined several Frequently Asked Questions about visiting Disneyland Paris with an Annual Pass in this article.

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  1. If I check the linked webpage my infinity PA validity seems to be extended by 383 days and not the additional 60 days due to reservation rules changes. Anyone got the 443 days added?


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