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Published: August 14, 2017 / Last Updated: March 27, 2018 / By: Arvid Bux

Villages Nature near Disneyland Paris: This new holiday park by Center Parcs is a collaboration between Euro Disney SCA and the Pierre et Vacances Center Parcs Group. With its close proximity to the city of Paris and Disneyland Paris, it offers enough things to do. But before you already plan your trip to visit the Eiffel Tower, or Disneyland Park, there is enough to do at Villages Nature itself.

Villages Nature

This article was last updated on August 14, 2017

Review Villages Nature Paris

The weekend after Villages Nature opened for guests, we stayed 4 days and 3 nights in a Country Premium Apartment. Even though we visited Disneyland Paris, we also enjoyed all the things Villages Nature has to offer. You can read our review here.

From Disneyland Paris to Villages Nature

Villages Nature is located close to Disneyland Paris. It only take about 10 minutes to drive to the parking lot. At the moment there is no shuttle service available (similar to Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch). This does mean that you need to drive yourself to the parks. Unfortunately this also means you have to pay for parking unless it is included in your annual pass.

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Villages Nature has three different comfort levels;

Clan Comfort

Clan Comfort is a fun cottage and is located in the heart of the forest. Each Clan Comfort cottage can house 4 to 6 persons depending on the type of cottage chosen. Amenities include a kitchen with a dishwasher, a microwave oven, a refrigerator, an electric coffee maker, a kettle, and a toaster. The bathroom has a hair-dryer. Wi-fi is included.

Villages Nature - Disneyland Paris Clan Comfort

The layout of the Clan Comfort cottage; a two or three bedrooms, a bathroom with a shower, a bathroom with a bathtub and a living room with television. Depending on which cottage is chosen, the bathrooms are either on the same floor or one per floor.

Country Premium

For guests who want more comfort, Country Premium is a perfect choice. A Country Premium cottage or apartment is either located near the lake or in the forest. Each cottage can house 2 to 4 persons and each apartment can house 4 to 8 persons depending on the type of cottage/apartment chosen. Amenities include a kitchen with a dishwasher, a microwave oven, a refrigerator, an electric coffee maker, a kettle, and a toaster.  The bathroom has a hair-dryer. Wi-fi is included.

Villages Nature - Disneyland Paris - Country Premium

The layout of Country Premium cottage; one, two, three or four bedrooms. Depending on the cottage chosen; Apartment or Cottage, some of the characteristics will be different.  Each cottage and apartment has a bathroom with a bathtub. For the bigger cottages and apartments a second bathroom can be found on the second floor and some even have a separate toilet.

The Country Premium apartments have their own balcony with patio furniture. The Country Premium cottages have their own fireplace. Both have a living room with television.

Cocoon VIP

When you are looking for even more comfort or want to vacation with a large group, Cocoon VIP apartments or cottages are the choice to make. Cocoon VIP apartments can house 2 to 4 persons. The Cocoon VIP cottages can house 4 to 12 persons.

Villages Nature Disneyland Paris - Cocoon VIP

Amenities for cottages and apartments include a kitchen with a dishwasher, a microwave oven, a refrigerator, a Nespresso Coffee Machine, a kettle, and a toaster.  The bathroom has a hair-dryer. Wi-fi is also included.

The master bedroom in both the cottage and apartment has an en-suite space bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub. Depending on the size of the cottage or apartment, there will be a second or a third bathroom with a shower or bathtub and one or two separate toilets.

The Cocoon VIP apartments have their own balcony with patio furniture. The Cocoon VIP cottages have their own fireplace and a terrace with patio furniture. Both have a living room with television.

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Are pets allowed at Villages Nature?

Pets are not allowed at Villages Nature. This include the different worlds and the accommodations.

How to book Villages Nature?

You can directly book via the below search box or navigate to the Villages Nature website. Select the check-in and check-out date and hit search. A new website will be opened to show you the availability for Villages Nature.

Restaurants at Villages Nature

Villages Nature offers 5 different restaurants. From a tasty treat to a something more seasonal, you can find it at Villages Nature.

Lagon Café

Located near the water areas, Lagon Café offers you drinks snacks, and sweet or salty treat for between your swims.

Chez Meunier Bakery

Located in the Lakeside Promenade, the Chez Meunier Bakery offers you freshly made breads and pastries. There is also a tea room with a view of the lake.

Wine Bar

The Wine Bar offers you a wide variety of wines from all different regions and some traditional meals.

PUR Etc.

Need a quick bight? PUR Etc. offers prepared dishes made with seasonal produce. PUR Etc. is available for breakfast, lunch, supper and for a quick snack during the day. More information can be found on the website of PUR Etc.


This Mediterranean-inspired restaurant can be found in multiple locations even Disney Village. All dishes are made to order and the menu offers items like pasta, pizza and salad.


In case you want to use the kitchen in your cottage or apartment, Franprix Supermarket has what you need. Products in this supermarket are imported from the US, Italy, Japan and the UK. There are even a salad bar and fruit bar, plus hot dishes and sandwiches.

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Five different world at Villages Nature

At Villages Nature you will find five recreational worlds:

  • Aqualagon
  • BelleVie Farm
  • Forest of Legends
  • Extraordinary Gardens
  • Lakeside Promenade

Each guest has unlimited access to these five different worlds. Some of the activities guests can take part of in these worlds require up front reservations.


Villages Nature - Disneyland Paris - Aqualagon

Aqualagon is the water park of Villages Nature. You will find slides, a large indoor pool with waves, jacuzzis and an outdoor naturally heated pool. When you are into water activities or just want to relax this is a great area.

Apart from swimming or relaxing, there are other activities you can take part in. Some like Lagoon pool, slides or The Rock are included in the room price others like Aqua Bike, Morning Swim or Wellness Spa require you to pay a small fee.

BelleVie Farm

Villages Nature - Disneyland Paris - Bellevie Farm

With each new seasons, you will discover new things and have fun at BelleVie Farm. Kids can play at a farm-like large covered playground named “Lait’s Play!”. At the orchard and vegetable gardens you can learn more about where our food comes from and you can even learn how to cook seasonal vegetables or make your own bread. At “Holy Cow” you can learn how to take care of animals. And Especially for kids the Pony Club gives kids the ability to be Merida or Pocahontas and ride with the wind.

Most activities at the farm are not included and will require you to also make reservations.

Forest of Legends

Villages Nature Disneyland Paris Forest of Legends

Forest of Legends allows guests to explore the woods as a family. Uncover the mysteries, play at the heart of the forest or build your own hideout. Forest of Legends has it all.

Some activities like The Forest Show are included, other like Creative Nature Class are available at a fee.

Extraordinary Gardens

Villages Nature Disneyland Paris Extraordinary Gardens

If you are looking for some downtime, Extraordinary Gardens is a perfect place to be at. Walk around the different gardens; Earth Garden for some botanical surprises, Fire Garden for scintillating evenings, Air Garden for some wide open spaces and the Water Garden for the tinkling sounds of the waterfalls. Perfect for some time for yourself, or with friends and family. At Extraordinary Gardens you can even meet the gardeners who are responsible for this landscape.

Great Outdoors Trail & Games and Meet the Gardener are included in your visit. Track Game needs to be booked separately.

Lakeside Promenade

Villages Nature Disneyland Paris Lakeside Promenade

Are restaurants and shopping more your thing? Than Lakeside Promenade has you covered. Kids can enjoy themselves at The Kid Club and Baby Club. And adults can go shopping, dining, get an introduction into wine tasting and more. Most restaurants also offer takeaway so you can enjoy a meal in your accommodation.

For a full list of activities at Lakeside Promenade, look at the special page on the Villages Nature website.

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Other Activities

Next to all the activities in the different worlds, Villages Nature also offers loads of other things. You swim on the beach or go jogging on the fitness trail.

Getting around Villages Nature

Villages Nature is big but most of the areas are walk-able. Download the map to make sure you get to where you need to be without any delays.


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