Tokyo DisneySea – Duffy’s Heartwarming Days 2018

From January 11 through March 19, 2018, Duffy’s Heartwarming Days comes to Tokyo DisneySea.  This new special program will transform the Cape Cod area of American Waterfront into the warm and gentle world of Duffy, ShellieMay, Gelatoni, and StellaLou.

Tokyo DisneySea - Duffy's Heartwarming Days

Duffy’s Heartwarming Days – Tokyo DisneySea

Duffy the cute bear he is wants to give all his friends a special present. When he arrived at Cape Cod everyone made presents. And because they were all happy, they shared a big hug.

Duffy’s Heartwarming Days Decorations

The Cape Cod area of American Waterfront will feature decorations inspired by “Duffy’s Heartwarming Days.” In front of Aunt Peg’s Village Store will be a new photo location depicting the heartwarming hugging scene, where Guests can hug the four friends and take keepsake photos. In other locations, Guests can find decorations themed to each of the gifts the four friends made, as well as decorations incorporating colors coordinated with each of the characters.

Tokyo DisneySea - Duffy's Heartwarming Days - Photo location

Duffy’s Heartwarming Days Special Merchandise

Approximately 30 different types of special merchandise inspired by the background story of “Duffy’s Heartwarming Days” will be available. Designs will feature the four friends hugging, and motifs of the heart-shaped presents. In addition to costumes, there will also be mobile phone straps which feature Duffy and friends holding hearts, tote bags and coin
cases. Also available will be Duffy – and ShellieMay- shaped pouches designed with a soft
plush toy texture, and a blanket that folds into a cushion.

Special Menus

At Cape Cod Cook-Off, Guests can enjoy a special set that comes with a lunch case featuring designs of Duffy and friends, as well as a dessert which includes a souvenir cup or plate. The interior of the restaurant will also be decorated with colorful garlands and pictures showing scenes from the story.

Tokyo DisneySea - Duffy's Heartwarming Days - Photo location

Duffy’s Heartwarming Days Character Greetings

Guests can meet Duffy at Village Greeting Place and ShellieMay near Cape Cod Cook-Off. They will be wearing new costumes just for this special program.

Tokyo DisneySea - Duffy's Heartwarming Days - Village Greeting Place

Photo: Tokyo DisneySea.

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