Our Disney Round The World Itinerary

Published: February 5, 2017 / Last Updated: February 5, 2017 / By: Arvid Bux

When we finally settled that we were going to partake a DisneyRTW trip, we first of all had to look at the itinerary. As a starting location, we choose Paris Airport Charles de Gaulle (CDG). Reason for that of course is that it is close to Disneyland Paris, where we would start our trip. Two main reasons we went with DLP; we have Annual Passes for Disneyland Paris, and because the day we officially start is the birthday of DLP — 25 years already!

Our itinerary take us first to Asia

After that we made a small matrix looking at the crowd levels, holidays and festivities in each park. Taking into account Easter, Cheerleader days, Golden Weeks and some more things, we settled on first flying to Asia. First we will visit Tokyo Disney for 4 days. We settled on 4 days, to help us acclimate to the time difference, the climate, and of course to have enough time to visit both parks.

Socks with Airplanes on them

After DisneySea, we will fly “down” to Shanghai, to spend two days at the park and three days at the resort. We went for two days because it is a single-park resort, but according to crowd levels it can get really busy. Just for this, we opted on the safe side. Our hotel package also includes reserved viewing of parades and fireworks. This will give us some extra time to spend on rides and walking around. Because of this we can sit down just before the firework and parade starts.

From Shanghai we will fly to Hong Kong to visit the smallest park of the three Asian Disney Parks. We will be there for one and a half day. According to several people, Hong Kong is a one-day park. But also here, we made sure we have one extra day so we are able to see the fireworks, in case they cancel it one night.

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Disney Parks in the US

After spending about a week and a half in Asia, we will make the leap to the US. Our flight from Hong Kong has us connecting in Seattle. After a short layover we will set course to LAX where we will arrive on a Sunday. We probably will not go into the parks but enjoy Downtown Disney. Maybe if we do end up going to the park, we will be visiting Disney’s California Adventure to try and catch World of Color. This makes sure that the remaining two days, we can focus on the fireworks and the Main Street Electrical Parade at Disneyland.

Walt Disney World Resort Entrance Sign

On Wednesday after two days at DLR, we will fly across the country to Walt Disney World. From Orlando International Airport we will take the Disney Magical Express. Our itinerary give us three full days at Walt Disney World. We will use the Wednesday (which is not one of those full days) to visit Disney Springs. In the evening we will watch the fireworks from the Top of the World Lounge at Bay Lake Tower. During the three days at WDW, we will squeeze in all the parks. We will even try to visit the waterparks. We have never been to the waterparks and our tickets do give us access to them. In order to make our DisneyRTW a true DisneyRTW, we have to visit the water parks.

Back to Disneyland Paris and… home

Completing our itinerary at Disneyland Paris

When Sunday the 30 April comes by, and we are already traveling for close to 21 days, we will fly back to Paris (via Minneapolis). To top it off, we will take our bags and our car (which has camped out at CDG all that time) and make our way to Disneyland Paris. Here we will end our DisneyRTW in front of Sleeping Beauty castle. After that we will start our drive home, which will take about 4 hours.

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