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Since July 4 2017, each Tuesday sees a special pre-parade in Disneyland Paris; “Tuesday is a Guest Star Day”. Each pre-parade will feature rare characters. Each week, new characters will make their way down the parade route. The pre-parade coincides with the actual parade time for the day.

Disneyland Paris - Tuesday is a Guest Star Day - Oswald

Mickey Mouse Club

“Tuesday is a Guest Star Day” pays tribute to the segment with the same name that was shared on the Mickey Mouse Club, when Mouseketeers welcomed a special guest for an exclusive on-stage performance each Tuesday of the first two seasons!

Disneyland Paris - Tuesday is a Guest Star Day - Emporer's New Groove - Kuzco

Characters “Tuesday is a Guest Star Day”

Each week new rare characters will make their appearance. A list of the characters that appeared in the last few weeks:

  • October 3 – Bolt and Mittens
  • September 26 – Jack Sparrow and Angelica
  • September 19 – Donald Duck, José Carioca and Panchito Pistoles – The Three Caballeros
  • September 12 – Vanellope von Schweetz – Wreck-It Ralph
  • September 5 – Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio
  • August 29 – Lewis and Goob – Meet the Robinsons
  • August 22 – Roger Rabbit
  • August 15 – Mr. Carl Fredricksen and Russell – Up
  • August 8 – Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz – The Aristocats
  • August 1 – Stitch and Pleakley
  • July 25 – Kuzco – The Emperor’s New Groove
  • July 18 – Oswald
  • July 11 – Joy and Sadness – Inside Out
  • July 4 – Nick and Judy – Zootopia

Photos “Tuesday is a Guest Star Day”


Photo: Disneyland Paris (twitter), Disneyland Paris.


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