Benefits Disneyland Paris Annual Passes after the Parks reopen

Published: June 26, 2020 / Last Updated: June 26, 2020 / By: Arvid Bux

Now that Disneyland Paris will reopen on July 15, the expiration date of Annual Passes has been pushed out by 153 days, and that the way you can visit the Parks with Annual Passes has some changes, also Annual Pass Benefits will have minor changes.

Disney parking

The Car Park at Disneyland Paris is accessible on the days that your Annual Pass is valid, and until Disneyland Park closes it guests. Sanitary measures are implemented to welcome you in the best conditions. Please comply with all the indications given by the Cast Members upon your arrival.

Discount for Shops and Restaurants

The Annual Pass Discount at the Disney Parks Stores and Restaurant remain applicable and are not changed. Please comply with all health and safety precautions posted inside the shops and restaurants of Disney Parks.

It is recommended that for Table Service Restaurants, a reservation is made through the Disneyland Paris mobile app, or the Disneyland Paris website.

Disney Hotel stays using Annual Pass holder’s discount

It is still possible to make reservations using your Annual Pass Holder’s discount. Do note that not all Disney Hotels are available upon reopening.

Due to limited capacity of the Disney Parks, it is required to make a Parks Visit reservation which will be made available early July.

20% reduction on 1-day tickets at the entrance to the Disney Parks

The sales of the 20% reduction on 1-day tickets at the entrance is currently suspended. However, it is exceptionally possible – and on request from the Visitors Relations counter – to buy 1-day tickets with the Annual Pass discount of -20% for Magic Flex, Magic Plus and Infinity Annual Passes (maximum 5 tickets per day and per Annual Pass member).

PhotoPass+ Pass Annuel

The validity of the PhotoPass+ Pass Annuel (Infinity, Magic Plus and Magic Flex) will be automatically extended by the number of days the Disney Parks were closed. No action needs to be taken to enjoy this benefit from this extension. The retention period of your photos online has also been extended by 90 days, corresponding to the period of unavailability of the website.

The experience of the Disney PhotoPass™ website has been changed. Make sure you check out the new website. Additional information will be available on the Disneyland Paris mobile App.

Discount on the dinner show “The Legend of Buffalo Bill… with Mickey and his Friends! “

The dinner-show “Buffalo Bill Wild West Show… with Mickey and Friends!” will not be available during the initial phase of reopening.

Privilege Tickets

To access the parks, all ticket purchases must be made prior to the visit and all ticket holders must make a reservation. Privileged tickets will be available early July for purchase only by contacting the dedicated Annual Pass phone line.

The purchase of dated privileged tickets must be made at least 15 working days before the desired visit date. Privileged tickets will only be sent by post (without additional fees).

Since privileged tickets are dated, they do not need to register and reserve a date on the Park Reservation System. For the Annual Pass member it is required to make a reservation through the online booking platform.

The usual sales conditions will apply during the purchase (5 tickets maximum per calendar week), and the number of privileged tickets purchased will then be deducted from the total number defined by Annual Pass (10 tickets maximum for the Magic Plus Annual Pass, 20 tickets maximum for the Infinity Annual Pass).

Dedicated Annual Pass Entrance

The dedicated Annual Pass entrance to the Disney Parks, for Magic Plus and Infinity Annual Passes will remain available. However, that due to increased health and safety measures, the location of this entrance may change, please ask the Cast Members at the entrance of the Disney Parks.

Extra Magic Time

Extra Magic Time are available to Magic Plus and Infinity Annual Pass members, as well as their accompanying Privileged Tickets, subject to the capacity of Disney Parks. Please note that the Extra Magic Time will be available from July 16. Review the park opening hours and Extra Magic Time in the app, or via the Disneyland Paris website.

Free rental

Free rentals of strollers, wheelchairs, kennel and luggage storage spaces are available to Infinity Annual Pass members, subject to availability.

My Annual Pass Infinity Benefits

Dedicated Infinity Parking

The Infinity dedicated Parking remains accessible to Annual Pass Infinity members, subject to availability, and until the closure of the Disneyland Park. Sanitary measures are implemented to welcome you in the best conditions. Comply with all the indications given by the Cast Members upon your arrival.

Dedicated Infinity Phone Line

The Annual Pass dedicated phone line is accessible at the usual number. Please note, however, that as the volume of calls can be higher than expected, your waiting time may be extended.

VIP Parade & Show locations

Due to the temporary unavailability of the “Disney Stars on Parade” and the “Disney Illumination” show, VIP Infinity locations are currently unavailable.

Access to Disney Hotel swimming pools

The reservation of Disney Hotels swimming pools is temporarily unavailable. You can check the Annual Passport website in the next few weeks to see whether availability opens op.

Monthly payment

• I am on the monthly payment program. What about my payment schedule?

The monthly Annual Pass payments have been suspended since April 2020. These payments will resume from August 2020, according to the usual calendar. Your payment schedule has automatically been shifted by four months, and will therefore follow the extension of your Annual Pass validity.

Renewal Offer for Annual Passes

When your Annual Pass is about to expire, you will have received additional information to renew it using personal codes. You can than renew it online, and receive the new Annual Passes at home.

It is also possible to buy an Annual Temporary Renewal Pass via the Disneyland Paris website. You can then book your visit on the online platform with your Temporary Annual Pass, and then exchange it at the Annual Pass Office in the Disneyland Park. The exchange must be done on the day of the first visit.

If your Annual Pass is still valid and expires in less than 2 months, you can also come and renew it at the Annual Pass Office. The recommendation is however to do it online.

My Annual Pass Expired during the closure, and the renewal offer is no longer valid when the Parks reopen

If your Annual Pass expired during the closure period, the validity has been extended with a 153 days. You can read more about that here.  In addition, you can take advantage of the renewal offer for your newly expired Annual Pass up to 2 months after the reopening of the Parks by purchasing your Annual Pass online or, if it has not yet expired, by going to the Annual Pass Office before its expiration.

Buffalo Bill Wild West Show Birthday Offer

As part of the phased reopening of Disneyland Paris, “Buffalo Bill Wild West Show… with Mickey and Friends!” is currently unavailable.

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