Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort Increase Ticket Prices (edition 2018)

February 11, 2018 saw a price increase across the board of Walt Disney World Resort tickets and Disneyland Resort Tickets. To give you an idea of how the prices increase, we put the new prices alongside the prices from last year. This will show you that while there are a few prices that actually went down, most prices went up with 10 or 20 dollars.

Disneyland Resort Ticket Price Increase 2018

TicketPrior to Feb 11 2018As of Feb 11, 2018
1-Day Value (Ages 10+)$97$97
1-Day Regular (Ages 10+)$110$117
1-Day Peak (Ages 10+)$124$135
1-Day Value Park Hopper (Ages 10+)$157$147
1-Day Regular Park Hopper (Ages 10+)$165$167
1-Day Peak Park Hopper (Ages 10+)$174$185
1-Day Value (Ages 3-9)$91$91
1-Day Regular (Ages 3-9)$104$110
1-Day Peak (Ages 3-9)$118$127
1-Day Value Park Hopper
(Ages 3-9)
1-Day Regular Park Hopper (Ages 3-9)$159$160
1-Day Peak Park Hopper (Ages 3-9)$168$177
2-Day Ticket (Ages 10+)$199$210
2-Day Park Park Hopper (Ages 10+)$244$260
3-Day Ticket (Ages 10+)$270$280
3-Day Park Park Hopper (Ages 10+)$315$330
4-Day Ticket (Ages 10+)$290$305
4-Day Park Park Hopper (Ages 10+)$335$355
5-Day Ticket (Ages 10+)$305$320
5-Day Park Park Hopper (Ages 10+)$350$370
2-Day Ticket (Ages 3-9)$187$198
2-Day Park Park Hopper (Ages 3-9)$232$248
3-Day Ticket (Ages 3-9)$258$264
3-Day Park Park Hopper (Ages 3-9)$303$314
4-Day Ticket (Ages 3-9)$275$287
4-Day Park Park Hopper (Ages 3-9)$320$337
5-Day Ticket (Ages 3-9)$290$301
5-Day Park Park Hopper (Ages 3-9)$335$351

Walt Disney World Resort Ticket Price Increase 2018

TicketPrior to Feb 11, 2018As of Feb 11, 2018
1-Day Magic Kingdom Value (Ages 10+)$107$109
1-Day Magic Kingdom Regular (Ages 10+)$115$119
1-Day Magic Kingdom Peak (Ages 10+)$119$129
1- Day Epcot/Hollywood Studios/Animal Kingdom Value (Ages 10+)$99$102
1- Day Epcot/Hollywood Studios/Animal Kingdom Regular (Ages 10+)$107$114
1- Day Epcot/Hollywood Studios/Animal Kingdom Peak (Ages 10+)$119$122
1-Day Magic Kingdom Value (Ages 3-9)$101$103
1-Day Magic Kingdom Regular (Ages 3-9)$109$113
1-Day Magic Kingdom Peak (Ages 3-9)$118$123
1- Day Epcot/Hollywood Studios/Animal Kingdom Value (Ages 3-9)$93$96
1- Day Epcot/Hollywood Studios/Animal Kingdom Regular (Ages 3-9)$101$108
1- Day Epcot/Hollywood Studios/Animal Kingdom Peak (Ages 3-9)$113$116
1-Day Park Hopper (Ages 10+) Value$162$164
1-Day Park Hopper (Ages 10+) Regular$170$174
1-Day Park Hopper (Ages 10+) Peak$174$184
1-Day Park Hopper (Ages 3-9) Value$156$158
1-Day Park Hopper (Ages 3-9) Regular$164$168
1-Day Park Hopper (Ages 3-9) Peak$168$178
2-Day Ticket (Ages 10+)$199$209
2-Day Park Hopper (Ages 10+)$259$274
3-Day Ticket (Ages 10+)$289$305
3-Day Park Hopper (Ages 10+)$349$370
4-Day Ticket (Ages 10+)$350$380
4-Day Park Hopper (Ages 10+)$425$455
5-Day Ticket (Ages 10+)$370$395
5-Day Park Hopper (Ages 10+)$445$470
6-Day Ticket (Ages 10+)$390$405
6-Day Park Hopper (Ages 10+)$465$480
7-Day Ticket (Ages 10+)$410$415
7-Day Park Hopper (Ages 10+)$485$490
8-Day Ticket (Ages 10+)$420$425
8-Day Park Hopper (Ages 10+)$495$500
9-Day Ticket (Ages 10+)$430$435
9-Day Park Hopper (Ages 10+)$505$510
10-Day Ticket (Ages 10+)$440$445
10-Day Park Hopper (Ages 10+)$515$520
2-Day Ticket (Ages 3-9)$187$197
2-Day Park Hopper (Ages 3-9)$247$262
3-Day Ticket (Ages 3-9)$271$287
3-Day Park Hopper (Ages 3-9)$331$352
4-Day Ticket (Ages 3-9)$330$360
4-Day Park Hopper (Ages 3-9$405$435
5-Day Ticket (Ages 3-9)$350$375
5-Day Park Hopper (Ages 3-9)$425$450
6-Day Ticket (Ages 3-9)$370$385
6-Day Park Hopper (Ages 3-9)$445$460
7-Day Ticket (Ages 3-9)$390$395
7-Day Park Hopper (Ages 3-9)$465$470
8-Day Ticket (Ages 3-9)$400$405
8-Day Park Hopper (Ages 3-9)$475$480
9-Day Ticket (Ages 3-9)$410$415
9-Day Park Hopper (Ages 3-9)$485$490
10-Day Ticket (Ages 3-9)$420$425
10-Day Park Hopper (Ages 3-9)$495$500


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