VIDEO: Tokyo DisneySea Pirates Summer Battle “Get Wet!” 2017

Published: August 30, 2017 / Last Updated: August 29, 2017 / By: Arvid Bux

For the Summer of 2017, Tokyo DisneySea was host to Pirates Summer. Three times a day, the Mediterranean Harbor would be taken over by pirates for the Pirates Summer Battle “Get Wet!”.

In this brand new entertainment program themed to the world of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, a crew of pirates led by Captain Barbossa takes over Porto Paradiso in Mediterranean Harbor. The story begins as a lighthouse rises from the harbor. Captain Barbossa appears aboard a pirate ship as other pirates prowl the harbor shores.

In an attempt to recruit members for his crew, Captain Barbossa puts the Guests through pirate training with rhythmical music and lots of splashing water. Just as the Guests and the pirates form a bond, Captain Jack Sparrow makes an appearance. Jack Sparrow, the longtime rival of Captain Barbossa, proposes to set aside their past issues. He invites the Guests and the pirates to celebrate together as tons of water shoot out over them. But in an unexpected turn, Jack Sparrow transforms the celebration into a fierce battle between him and Captain Barbossa.

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