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Last week while we were at Walt Disney World for our Disney RTW, we used Express Transportation or the Express Bus to park hop. While it seems like a costly alternative to the standard shuttle service, we felt we got our money’s worth for it. We will write a full review later, but we already wanted to share the time table with you. This table is not available on the resort website, but can help you plan your day a lot better.

This schedule can change at any time, and was accurate when published (May 2nd). Busses run from 10am until park closure and leave every 30 minutes.

Schedule Express Transportation Walt Disney World

Bus leaving from Hollywood Studios to

  • Epcot: .00 / .30
  • Animal Kingdom: .10 / .40
  • Magic Kingdom: .20 / .50

Bus leaving from Magic Kingdom to

  • Animal Kingdom: .00 / .30
  • Epcot: .10 / .40
  • Hollywood Studios: .20 / .50

Bus leaving from Epcot to

  • Hollywood Studios: .00 / .30
  • Magic Kingdom: .10 / 40
  • Animal Kingdom: .20 / .50

Bus leaving from Animal Kingdom to

  • Epcot: .20 / .50
  • Hollywood Studios: .10 / .40
  • Magic Kingdom: .00 / .30


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