New September 2021 Pin Releases for Disneyland Paris

Published: August 30, 2021 / Last Updated: August 30, 2021 / By: Arvid Bux

It is the end of August which means we get an early look at the new pins which will be available at Disneyland Paris this September. As we are closing in on Halloween, some of the offerings will be Halloween-themed! Also this month there are several Limited Edition Pins. Let’s have more details looked

On Saturday, September 4, we see several Lanyards and two sets of open edition pins. September 4 also has 4 Limited Edition Pins that will be sold exclusively at World of Disney in Disney Village. These pins are themed to Brave with Merida and the Triplets. In order to buy these LImited Edition Pins, you need to use Lineberty. The Limited Edition Pins are limited to 400 each.

For Saturday, September 11 there is a whole set of Open Editions Pins related to Big Thunder Mountain and two Stitch pins. Especially the Thunder Mountain ones look great. The Limited Edition pins will be available at Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing, and also here Lineberty has to be used in order to get a chance to buy one or more of these pins. Best Friends Limited Edition Pins have 700 pins each.

The last pin release is on Saturday, September 25 and this release features Halloween pins. Our favorite Characters are ready for Halloween. There is a booster set, and a lanyard (with a pouch) available as well. The Limited Edition Pin (700 ex) is Cruella who is enjoying the start of autumn. Lineberty is needed to purchase this pin that is available at the Pueblo Trading Post.

Limited Edition versus Open Edition

On the page, you will see acronyms like OE and EL which stands for Open Edition and Edition Limitee (Limited Edition). When a pin is OE, this means that there is no set amount of this pin for sale, and you will most likely be able to buy it weeks from the original release. When a pin is EL, there is only a set amount available, and these will most likely sell out on the day of release.

September 2021 Pin Releases Disneyland Paris

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