Lumiére’s Kitchen at Shanghai Disneyland Hotel Introduces New “Beauty and the Beast” Themed Dining Options

Lumiére’s Kitchen, the “Beauty and the Beast” themed Character Dining restaurant in Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, is introducing new menu items inspired by the highly-anticipated new “Beauty and the Beast” film that hits theaters today.

Shanghai Disneyland Beauty and the Beast Themed Dining Options

Guests staying at the hotel, or just looking for a magical evening of dining at Shanghai Disney Resort, become immersed in Belle’s world the moment they arrive, with a romantic sculpture of Belle and the Beast greeting them in the foyer. Once inside, the décor transports them into Lumiére’s famous scene in the movie, conjuring the same fun, animated spirit the characters displayed. Surprise visits from popular Disney characters throughout the meal add to the delight of the dining experience.

Beyond the immersive entertainment, the buffet-style restaurant is brimming with international delicacies from fresh, light starters to Chinese and Western cuisines, to delicious desserts – including the host of brand new themed desserts just added to the menu. Lumiére’s Candle Book, a new addition just released to guests, features Lumiére atop a tasty treat. Belle’s Collection features a petite book crafted from tofu and a delicate Mrs. Potts carved from tomato. As “Beauty and the Beast” hits the big screens today, Lumiere’s Kitchen invites guests to come enjoy the ambiance of the classic story brought to life in the restaurant, and enjoy all the new treats on offer.

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