Shanghai Disney Resort announces 5th birthday celebrations

Published: 3月 18, 2021 / Last Updated: 3月 18, 2021 / By: Arvid Bux

Shanghai Disney Resort has announced its 5th birthday celebrations starting April 8, 2021. The resort which opened its doors on June 16, 2016 will add several new experiences for guests during the “Year of Magical Surprises”.

Your favorite Disney Characters will receive new outfits especially themed to the birthday celebrations. The daytime parade “Mickey’s Storybook Express” will see an anniversary overlay and a birthday pre-parade.

During the day a Surprise Squad will walk around the park, bring magical moments to random guests. The resort will also feature a new nighttime spectacular ILLUMINATE.

Read more about what to expect on our special Shanghai Disney Resort 5th Birthday Celebrations event page.

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