Disneyland Paris introduces new Magic Shots

Published: 7月 20, 2020 / Last Updated: 9月 7, 2020 / By: Arvid Bux

With the re-opening of Disneyland Paris, something exciting was waiting for guests: Magic Shots. A Magic Shot is a photo which is taken at the parks, and to which later on some pixie-dust is added. As you can’t see the end result of the photo, you have to pay close attention to the instructions of the photographer. But we can tell you from experience that it is quite the excitement when you see the photo appear in your Disney Photopass account.

Which Magic Shots are there at Disneyland Paris

Now the question is, which Magic Shots are available at Disneyland Paris? To set some expectations, not all Magic Shots are always available. It could be that the photographer is done for the day, or is on a break.

You should be able to find the following Magic Shots on these locations:

Disneyland Paris

  • The Phantom at the Phantom Manor Gazebo photo location
  • Peter Pan in front of Skull Rock opposite of Au Chalet de la Marionnette
  • Picture Frame next to Dumbo the Flying Elephant, near the entrance to Peter Pan’s ride
  • Tinkerbell at Central Plaza in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle
  • Balloons at Central Plaza in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle
  • Lion King on Adventure Isle near La Cabane des Robinson
  • Pocahontas at the entrance to Frontierland

Walt Disney Studios Park

  • Stitch in front of Animagique Theater
  • Remy in front of Chez Marianne
  • Hotel Bell Boy near Tower of Terror

Example Magic Shots

Below you can see some examples of the Magic Shots we were able to take in the parks. You can see all our photos here.

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