How to meet your favorite Superhero at Hero Training Center

Published: July 20, 2022 / Last Updated: July 20, 2022 / By: Arvid Bux

You can meet your favorite superheroes at the Hero Training Center at Avengers Campus Paris. This meet-and-greet location works with a virtual queue to ensure that each recruit has an enjoyable experience. This virtual queue will open several times daily, so check the official Disneyland Paris app for the most up-t0-date schedule.


Join the virtual queue

You can only join the virtual queue after you have entered the park. Open the app when the virtual queue opens, and navigate to the Hero Training Center in the app. The easiest to get there is to open the map and select Character Interactions. After that, tap on “Let’s Go.”

On the next screen, you will see which Superheroes are meeting recruits and whether the virtual queue is full or when it will open. Choose “select this experience” for the Superhero you want to meet.

On the next screen, you will add the eligible guests. After you confirm all details, you will be presented with the wait time, which will update automatically. Once your turn, you will receive a notification and head to the Hero Training Center.

Review of Hero Training Center

In our review of Avengers Campus, we also briefly talk about meeting Iron Man. Head to the Hero Training Center review to see the photos and the 180 degrees multi-frame photo.

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