Guide to Paid Fastpasses at Shanghai Disneyland

Published: February 26, 2018 / Last Updated: April 22, 2019 / By: Arvid Bux

Disney Premier Access is the paid fastpass option at Shanghai Disneyland. Disney has setup this system after scalpers started selling fastpasses to guests for a small fee. As Disney guests know, fastpasses are non-transferable and are not to be sold. In order to counteract this, Paid Fastpasses were introduced in March 2017. While we were at Shanghai Disneyland, we used Disney Premier Access.

Shanghai Disneyland Fastpasses Castle

This article was last updated on February 26, 2018

Cost of Disney Premier Access

I think the most important things is the cost of Disney Premier Access. The pricing of these paid fastpasses coincide with the entrance price which works with regular and peak days. Next to that, you can purchase a fastpass for a single attraction or the set of 8 fastpasses. You cannot use all fastpasses on one ride, fastpasses are specific for each ride and guests.

Disney Premier Access will cost:

  • RMB 120 for a single fastpass
  • RMB 660 for a fastpass set

The old pricing structure

Previously there was a different pricing structure. On regular days, Disney Premier Access will cost:

  • RMB 120 for a single fastpass
  • RMB 480 for a fastpass set

On peak days, Disney Premier Access will cost:

  • RMB 150 for a single fastpass
  • RMB 600 for a fastpass set

Fastpass Attractions

Shanghai Disneyland has eight fastpass attractions and for all these fastpass attractions, Disney Premier Access can be used. When we used Disney Premier Access, all attractions were up-and-running. Therefore we don’t know what would happen when a ride is undergoing refurbishments. The following seven attractions have fastpasses available:

  • Soaring over the Horizon – Adventure Isle
  • Roaring Rapids – Adventure Isle
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Battle for the Sunken Treasure – Treasure Cove
  • TRON Lightcycle Power Run – Tomorrowland
  • Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue – Tomorrowland
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – Fantasyland
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh – Fantasyland
  • Peter Pan’s Flight – Fantasyland

How to Get Disney Premier Access

There are two options to buy Disney Premier Access. You can buy it in person at the park, or through the app.

Disney Premier Access through the App

You can now also buy Disney Premier Access through the official Shanghai Disneyland App. When you open the app, go to Make Plans, and choose Buy Disney Premier Access. You can either buy for just one attraction or buy an entire set.

Before you finalize your purchase, the app will require you to link an entrance ticket. This is to make sure you will actually be at the park.

The app even allows you to create a party, and with that have your entire family or group together.

Disney Premier Access at the Park

Disney Premier Access is sold in the park. It is recommended to buy them directly when you enter in the morning. As soon as you walk underneath the arch, you will have a view of Mickey Avenue, Gardens of Imagination and the castle. But before you go explore the park, look to the left where you see Scrooge’s Money Bin and City Hall. In the small corridor in between these two buildings, there is a back entrance to Avenue M Arcade. Inside this building you will find the store where you can purchase Disney Premier Access. Make sure you entire party is with you, as everybody, for whom you are purchasing the paid fastpasses, has to be present.

As you line up in the corridor between Scrooge’s Money Bin and City Hall, a Cast Member will present you with a yellow form on which you will provide some information. On the form you will see the current attraction wait time and the minimum height that riders must have. At the bottom of the form, the number of Premier Access sets is chosen. Or when you only want a single attraction, it will be listed next to that attraction.

After you have purchased the fastpasses a Cast Member will take a picture of you. And this also the reason why the entire party for which the fast passes are bought needs to be present. On the photo a second Cast Member will hold an iPad with some words and/or numbers, and a merchandise item. Each member of the party will hold their set of fastpasses.

The photo has to be taken with a phone or camera that you will hold with you the entire day. Make sure you have enough battery on the device that has the picture on it, or do as we did; share it with other devices you are carrying, just so that you have a backup. The photo is used so that the fastpasses can’t be sold, transferred or used by anybody else.

How to Use the Paid Fastpasses

When you have completed the purchase of the fastpasses, you can choose whatever ride you want to start off with. These paid fastpasses can be used at any time of the day, as long as the ride is operating. As mentioned before, you can only ride each ride in the fastpass set once.

Shanghai Disneyland Tron Fastpass

Use paper tickets

Enter the attraction of your choice through the fastpass entrance. Ensure the entire party for which the fastpass set was purchased is complete and present your fastpass to a Cast Member. They will also ask for the photo, make sure you have it ready. While you would expect they will only ask this once, we experienced it that they asked to see the photo multiple times when we made our way through the queue.

As you need to show the photo, you have to make sure that everybody is with you. You can’t split up and ride attractions separately. If that is your intention, purchase the Premier Access sets as different groups. This also ensures you have a photo with the right people on it.

Using the app

Enter the attraction of your choice through the fastpass entrance. Ensure the entire party for which the fastpass set was purchased is complete. Show your app to the Cast Member at the entrance, and you will be good to go.

Useful tips and other information

  • Make sure you have a backup of the photo with the Cast Member. Email it to yourself and other members in the party. Shanghai Disneyland has (spotty) wifi. Take into account that Google Services are blocked
  • Paid fastpasses can only be used on the day of purchase. If you are at the park multiple days, decide which day you want to buy and consequently use them
  • Buy the fastpasses in the morning, there are only a limited number
  • There are 8 fastpass attractions. Combining this with parades, fireworks and shows can be stressful. Plan accordingly
  • Entering the park can take a while (first day it took us about an hour and a half, second day about an hour). Make sure you take this into account when you want to buy Disney Premier Access
  • Use a park map to map out your route of the fastpass rides. To avoid running back and forth. The park has a large footprint
  • The entire group that is on the photo you took when you purchase the Disney Premier Access set has to be with you when entering the ride. You can’t do a ‘baby swap’
  • You can’t pay it forward and give the fastpass to a different Disney Guest. Only guests for whom the fastpass has been bought and whom is on the photo can use the fastpass
  • You can still get standard fastpasses using your entrance ticket. For these fastpasses, the normal rules apply (get a new one when you have used the standard fastpass or when the listed time has passed)
  • When you do use the app, make sure that you have a battery with you to ensure you can still use your device.


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10 thoughts on “Guide to Paid Fastpasses at Shanghai Disneyland”

  1. Do you know how quickly they sell out? It looks like a bit of a time-consuming process to buy them, and if you do that first thing then you’ll be back of the queue to get regular fast passes. Do you think you could, say, go and get regular fast passes at park opening, then return to buy premier access say an hour or two afterwards?

    Thanks for the great information!

    • Hi Stephen,

      what we have heard from other guests is that they can sell quite quickly. And although the process seems time-consuming, it took us about 5 mins including the waiting outside to get the fastpasses. As you can still easily get FPs for Tron around noon for 5pm/6pm, it is worth first getting the Paid Fastpasses. We did the same, rode all rides and still were able to get a FP for Tron at 4pm for park closure.

      Let me know whether you need anything else we can help you with.


      PS Did you see the Visa info for Shanghai?

  2. Hi – thank you for all of the useful information! I’m travelling to Disneyland Shanghai next month and was looking into paying for fast passes for our party as we have very limited time there. We are a group of 5 adults and one 1 year old – obviously the 1 year old isn’t chargeable as he’s under 1 metre. Can we can still buy fast passes and take him onto the rides he can go on without having to buy a fast pass for him? I see you said you can’t do baby swap which is a pain, so will have to organise our two parties when purchasing the premier fast passes!


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