A great Big Beautiful tomorrow for Disneyland Paris

Published: February 27, 2017 / Last Updated: February 27, 2017 / By: Arvid Bux

Two weeks ago the news broke that that Walt Disney Company through the Kingdom Holding is looking into purchasing the remain stock that is available for Disneyland Paris. This means that when the deal is concluded The Walt Disney Company will own close to 95% of the Disney Park in Europe.

Plagued with financial problems, Euro Disney SCA has received financial support in the past and a more recent recapitalization of 1 billion US dollar. With the news of the stock buy-out, WDC is adding that it will grow the financial support to the parks up to 1,5 billion US dollar. All this to improve the financial position of the park, and improve the guest experience. As a current shareholder of Euro Disney SCA I can only applaud this move. It will be sad to no longer be a shareholder of Disneyland Paris, but the fact is that the resort needs this financial aid to ensure that we can not only celebrate the 25th anniversary but many more to come.

Salon Mickey DLP Shareholders Club

With the WDC getting more control of the French Park, it can also ensure that the quality standard visitors of DLR and WDW expect can be offered in France as well. It is too often that people compare the park to the US sister parks and complain about the low standards that seem to be maintained in Paris. How this will all come to fruition is not yet known, and I’m also not sure whether it will be an easy ride, looking at all the struggles the company had when it first broke ground in France. But things have to change and I’m not only looking at the smoking policy.

In the last year Disneyland Paris has seen a great uptick in maintenance and additions of shows. I hope that with the new money, we can see more of this. Shows like Storybook of Enchantment, Frozen Sing-a-long, Mickey and the Magician and the more recent Season of the Force shows that it is possible to produce high quality entertainment and experiences. For sure we will see changes being made to the Walt Disney Studios, something that should have been done years ago but was not possible because of the financial struggles.

My Wish List

Knowing that things my change in the future, I have a little wish-list. I guess other many Disney fans have a list of things they want to see changed.

My wishes for Walt Disney Studios

  • Bring back the Disney Stars parade, or any parade to make WDS a park by itself again
  • Offer a year-round nighttime show
  • Take out Tram Tours and use the areas for one or two more rides
  • Bring in a proper Cars Land
  • Expand the area around Ratatouille, because it looks too good to only have one restaurant, a shop and a ride
  • Bring Wifi to the park

My wishes for Disneyland Park

  • General maintenance to be kept at the current level, especially after all the hard work for the 25th
  • Walk around of Rivers of the Far West (going past the geysers and connect with Indiana Jones)
  • Improved photopass with more photographers. Now, it is a waste of your money
  • Bring Wifi to the park

My wishes for Disney Village

  • Bring in some diverse stores
  • Bring in some bigger names for stores
  • Revamp the facades. They for sure need a good cleaning
  • Better security posts, with better queue management

My wishes for Lake Disney

  • Clean up the area near Panoramagique
  • Install a water show in the lake itself, a light version of World of Color 

One can only dream for a great big beautiful tomorrow….

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