First Day at Shanghai Disneyland [vlog]

Published: April 19, 2017 / Last Updated: April 19, 2017 / By: Arvid Bux

As we were short on time, we recorded our full vlog at the hotel. The last few days we recorded a small video after each ride, which we haven’t edited yet. But as we did one long video on our first day in Shanghai, we decided to upload it already to give you an update on our whereabouts.

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2 thoughts on “First Day at Shanghai Disneyland [vlog]”

  1. Awesome! Love you site! Question for you – do the premier access passes (7 fast passes) sell out? We are going next week and we only have 1 day so I want to make sure to get them for the family. I had heard that all 4 of us need to be there to purchase as they take a picture of you? True? Thanks so much!

    • Hey Jennifer,

      Exciting! Not sure how fast they sell out. We got it first thing in the morning as 7 rides is a lot in one day. You also have to use them in one day, which won’t be an issue for you. Your entire party has to be there. They will take a photo of your party along with a Cast Member. You also need to go to the ride with the whole party. Ow and take into account; it can take about an hour to get into the park.


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