Review: New York Style Sandwiches Express Breakfast at Disneyland Paris

This review is based on food and/or beverage options that we consumed on noviembre 4, 2017

Since early 2017, breakfast is no longer a free option when you book a Disneyland Paris hotel. While you still book breakfast as a paid option when you stay at one of the hotels, there are also other options available like breakfast at New York Style Sandwiches at Disney Village.

Express Breakfast

New York Style Sandwiches which opens at 8 in the morning offers an Express Breakfast (petit-déjeuner rapide) for 9 euros with loads of choices. It is no clear until what time they offer the breakfast (there was no messaging on it) but we guess they might offer this until noon.

Disneyland Paris - New York Style Sandwiches - Express Breakfast Menu

For 9 euros you get a lot of food. You will get a croissant or a Pain au Chocolat, and a roll bread (small baguette) with butter, and jam (choose from strawberry, apricot or orange), and orange juice (or water), and coffee or tea or a chocolate drink.

On the photo below you can see the tray with our choices. Just to be fair, you see two times the Express menu. But even than you can see it is a lot of food. Unfortunately all items are ‘bread’ items, meaning that if you don’t like bread, or just don’t want bread for breakfast, this menu is not for you.

Disneyland Paris - New York Style Sandwiches - Express Breakfast Food

Final Thoughts

As said before, for the price you pay, you get a lot of food and morning liquids. Especially in an area as Disneyland Paris where food can really up charged, it was nice to get a lot of food for the money you pay. As you can see on the menu, you can even add a few extra items à la carte which makes this for a great breakfast to share with others, especially as you get two drinks. While for Christina just the bread items are not good enough, for me it was a good breakfast (I like bread). But for now, our favorite breakfast menu is still the Starbucks Breakfast menu.


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