Review: Golden Forest Club at Sequoia Lodge

This review is about a hotel stay from septiembre 4, 2015 until septiembre 6, 2015 (Last Updated: agosto 9, 2018)

We are always curious about the various offerings at the Disneyland Paris Resort, so we decided to book the Golden Forest Club Room to experience and see the benefits of the club level service at Disney’s Sequoia Lodge.

What’s Included?

  • Priority Check-In / Reception Desk
  • Private Lounge Access (7am-10:30pm) including Breakfast and All Day Snacks
  • Additional Daily Fastpasses
  • VIP Fastpasses (Suites only)
  • In-Room Nespresso Machine
  • Mini-Fridge

The few perks that really attracted us to try club level was the separate and more private breakfast area and all day access to the lounge for complimentary drinks. We also did not want to be tied down to a breakfast time slot which the lounge does not require. Finally, the extra fastpass is always a nice bonus, especially at Hollywood Studio when you have to decided on those busy days which E-ticket ride you hope to get on.

Check In

Golden Forest guests have a special check-in area in the lobby. On our arrival day, it was extremely busy and there were 4 or 5 guests in front of us and only two desks to check in. Like other Disney hotels, you can sit down while they check you in and they offer to book any dining or activities you would like to have during your stay.


Club level rooms are located in the central building on the top floors on level 5, 6 & 7. Our view was facing the parking lot instead of Lake Disney. We really enjoyed the view and quietness considering last time we had a room with a view of the lake but the trees pretty much covered everything. Being located higher you can enjoy the grandness of all the trees that surround this property.

We were also very happy that the rooms actual have a working mini-fridge. It’s a rare thing to find on the property. The standard rooms at Sequoia Lodge only have a old mini bar ‘fridge’ but does not keep things cold because it is not meant for that purpose. Other than that addition to the room we did not see any other significant differences. The theming continues with Bambi and friends throughout the room and keeps with the rustic woodsy feel. The additional perks for club level are mainly in amenities in the room including a Nespresso machine for coffee which is a huge plus and capsules are restocked everyday.


Unlike many other properties where the lounge is located on a higher floor with club guests, the lounge here is located at lobby level near the front entrance of the hotel opposite of the check-in area. The room consists of two area. For morning breakfast they open the two area to allow for overflow. There is a check-in desk outside but we never saw anyone used it. When you arrive you hand them your card to show you are a guest and they direct you to a table to be seated. This is the same process for the normal breakfast but often they let you walk yourself to a table. From there we had the same breakfast options with cold cuts, cheeses, eggs and breads along with coffee, tea or juice. All of this is buffet style and all you care to eat.

In the afternoon, the other section was opened as the all day lounge area where you are free to walk in and out or sit down and relax as you want. Between 4-6pm we had the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon snack which consists of little tea sandwiches and desserts. We felt like there was enough food for us and was a nice way to start your evening in the park. It was very quiet on the days we visited and we had the room almost to ourselves. Although it is a self-serve setup, cast members walked and ask if you would like anything else to drink and would serve you.

Final Thoughts

We really enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to couples or families that want a more relaxing trip. The noise level during the morning and afternoon made it a calm and less frantic feel. There was no need to rush and taking your time to enjoy everything is all part of the trip.  For those who are used to having or want a mini-fridge, then book this room. Having the refrigerator in the room is so much easier than having to go to the lobby every time you need something. There are less perks to the lounge at Sequoia but if you get a good deal on the room we recommend booking. It’s one of those little extra perks that can make any trip a little more magical.

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