Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch Review

This review is about a hotel stay from diciembre 8, 2017 until diciembre 10, 2017 (Last Updated: agosto 1, 2020)

Located 10 minutes from the parks is a unique cabin resort at Disneyland Paris called Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch. Nestled in the woods just off the A4, you are transported into the wild frontier with wood-styled cabins and large trees surrounding the property.

Disneyland Paris - Davy Crockett Ranch - Arrival

Arrival and Check-in

Upon our arrival, we parked at the main parking lot and checked in at reception. Because it was before 3pm check-in time, we were not expecting our cabin to be available, but the cast member checked for us and was able to provide our key to our cabin. We also received instruction to collect our cleaning kit at the Alamo Trading Post where we also picked up a baguette and something to drink.

Disneyland Paris - Davy Crockett Ranch - Reception

Pioneer cabin

We booked a standard Pioneer cabin. There are two types in this category based solely on location, the farthest away being the Trapper cabin and the rest are known as Pioneer. The Premium cabins are located in the first two rings at Coyote and Tomahawk trails as they are the closest to the amenities and also easily walkable. The premium amenities also include bathrobe, slippers, hair dryer, coffee & tea kit, coffee machine bottle water and free wi-fi. All cabins consist of two bedrooms, two showers and one toilet.

Our room was located at Mocassin Trail Loop 100. It’s located at the very end of the park and takes about 5 minutes to drive from the reception area. When we arrived, we were quite surprised how nice the cabin looked. We were able to park our car in front of our cabin and entered to find a cozy dining room. To turn on the heaters, you have to place your cabin key into a slot, similar to placing your hotel key card in the wall.

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The living/dining room consists of a large dining table able to seat 6 people and a couch/sofa. The kitchen is well equipped with all the basics you need to cook including large dishwasher, coffee maker, water cooker, toaster and microwave. The main bedroom consists of a double bed and en-suite shower. On the other end of the cabin is a bedroom with three single beds. All trails except Moccasin trail include a fourth pull out single bed allowing for four people to sleep. In the hallway you will find a separate toilet room and across sits the shower and sink. Back outside you have the porch for summer meals and a coal BBQ pit.

Nice Setup

Overall, it’s nicely setup utilizing the space well. Some areas feel cramped, but they work. We noticed very little outlets in the bedrooms the power the electronics but if you bring a power cord and use it in the living room it shouldn’t be a problem. The shelving in the bathrooms and bedrooms are also helpful when traveling with a larger group. However, storing luggage might be a challenge. We were also quite impressed at the power of the heating and water heater. We did not have any issue staying warm at freezing temperatures during our December visit.

As mentioned, you do receive one cleaning kit which includes multipurpose cleaner, two dishwasher tablets, a sponge and a microfiber cloth. In the cabin are also towels for up to 6 guests, bars of soap and a few shampoo bottles. If you prefer not to clean and want full service, you can also request this at a fee. Toilet paper and other toiletries can also be purchased at the boutique. I had forgotten my hair dryer. This is currently only included in the premium cabins, but will be soon added to all rooms. To rent a hair dryer or other items, you have to pay a deposit fee. Just drop off the item at reception when you depart to receive back your deposit.

NOTE: you can find more photos at the bottom of this page.


As this is a more self-service resort, there are two options for breakfast. You can pick up bread and food items at the Alamo Trading Post or pre-book the breakfast package that you pick-up at your local outpost.

Disneyland Paris - Davy Crockett Ranch - Trading Post

On our last morning we decided to try out the pre-order option. We did not have high hopes for a delicious breakfast but went ahead and signed up for the breakfast pick-up when we checked in. We pre-paid the 10 euros for one portion. At the beginning of our bungalow section is a little cabin where a cast member is available to take your coupon to exchange it for our meal, asking if we wanted milk or juice for our meal. When we got back to our cabin, we opened the box and were a little disappointed.

Disneyland Paris - Davy Crockett Ranch - Breakfast Cabin

The meal includes: one croissant, one baguette, one orange juice carton, one applesauce, one chocolate granola bar, one packet of jam and nutella, two sticks of butter and two instant coffee packs with sugar sticks on the side. Overall, I felt it was a poor excuse of a breakfast and such a waste of paper and takeaway goods. The whole system is silly, having to go to a cast member that sits there for a few hours just to wait for people to pick up their food. To me, a piece of bread and not even anything fresh outside of the bread, is a real disappointment. It’s better to make your own food or go to Disneyland itself and pick up something.


The big feature of this resort is the large indoor heated pool. The theming continues as you swim around the expansive pool, enjoy the jacuzzis in the caverns and have fun on the slide. The overall look and feel was so pleasant and nice. We did think the water was a tad cold, so we stayed in the jacuzzi. Lockers are provided and showers to rinse before and after your swim. Towels are not included as a guest, so bring your own or you can rent a swim towel from the Alamo boutique for €2 a towel.

Amenities and Dining

Located in the same building at the pool, you will find the Davy Crockett’s Tavern, offering nightly dinner buffet. We did not have a chance to dine here because of the time availability, but it looked very good and the theming was nice. It reminded us much like that of Hunter’s Grill at Sequoia Lodge.

During warmer weather, they even have some outdoor seating. One highlight when arriving to the main services buildings is the fire-pit at the centerpiece. It was lovely to have the fire-pit lighting up the cold night.

Disneyland Paris - Davy Crockett Ranch - Fire Pit

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Alamo Trading Post

Behind the fire-pit is the Alamo Trading Post for all your fresh groceries and souvenir shopping. Overall prices were comparable to other grocery stores, however some items such as chips or sodas were Disney parks prices. For example: 0.5 liter Coca Cola is €3,49.

Crockett’s Saloon

To the left is the Crockett’s Saloon, a small and cozy bar establishment. It’s a nice place to grab a drink at night, there were many people when we visited and a few guys were playing pool. The only annoyance was the soundtrack audio that kept skipping every few seconds. Also, like many lounges, getting service in a timely manner is something left to be desired.

Disneyland Paris - Davy Crockett Ranch - Crockett Tavern

Lucky Raccoon

For the kids and the whole family there is something for everyone. The Lucky Raccoon is where kids can enjoy a variety of arcade games for a fee. The resort also has mini-golf available for €2,50 per person. Children can also enjoy the large outdoor playground. We also noticed online about the indoor tennis courts, but there were no signs up showing it was available during our visit.

Davy Crockett’s Adventure allows guests to walk through the trees. There are a variety of activities and course levels depending on age and experience. But Davy Crockett’s Adventure allows for the whole family to immerse themselves in nature.

Final Thoughts Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch

As this is more of a self-service resort allowing you to plan and be more independent from the park. I highly recommend this resort for families that want a day away from the park, enjoy cooking their own meals and also want some pool time. If you are used to going to holiday parks, you may like this resort. There are many activities you can do at the resort. But you are also free to explore the surrounding Disneyland Paris area.

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My overall thought of the resort is that it’s a cheaper or less ‘glamping’ version of The Cabins at Fort Wilderness at Disney World. This is not to put down this resort at all. We felt the quality was really good for the level of service. The fact that you are so secluded and you are not sharing any walls is a plus. It felt very relaxing and pleasant. We loved our cabin and could imagine staying longer, and enjoying the cabin cooking and enjoying the view of the woods.

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