More Character Experiences will be added for the reopening of Disneyland Paris

Published: abril 12, 2021 / Last Updated: abril 12, 2021 / By: Arvid Bux

When Disneyland Paris reopens again the near future, the resort will offer more experiences to guests. David Duffy, Vice President of Entertainment, shared a whole set of experiences, some from the previous re-opening, but also new experiences.

A list of items that Duffy mentioned:

  • Surprise appearances of several Disney Characters, including new appearances
  • Selfie Spots with Disney Characters, including new selfie spots
    • A new one will be in The Videopolis Theater with Star Wars characters
    • Also new spots will be brought to Walt Disney Studios Park
  • More than 50 Disney Characters will make appearances
  • Cheshire Cat Train on Main Street USA with Alice in Wonderland and her friends
  • Cruella De Vil will make an appearance at Walt Disney Studios Park
  • Princesses in Fantasyland
  • Kiss Good Night on Main Street USA
  • And a new theme song for the re-opening
  • While some characters will receive new outfits, the team also has been going through the wardrobes

Duffy didn’t mention specifically that we would see certain outfits, but the fact that we saw imagery of Minnie and Chip ‘n Dale in their Lion King and Jungle Book Festival, we might be able to see some Disney characters in their amazing outfits of some of the seasons we love and miss.



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