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Published: March 9, 2017 / Last Updated: March 7, 2017 / By: Arvid Bux

“Which type of airplane ticket are you guys using for your Disney RTW?” This is a good question and it was one that ‘haunted’ us as well for several weeks.

There is an option to book all flights separately, but that is a trip by itself. After we reviewed several alliances, we settled for Skyteam Round The World. We are both avid Skyteam flyers (Arvid: KLM, Christina: Delta) so it was almost a no-brainer. Like Skyteam other alliances also have a tool that allows you to book a RTW (Round the World) ticket without having to switch to different booking tools.

Skyteam Round The World

What you do have to take into account is that depending on the alliance, there will be more or less flights going into or leaving from Asia. This can limit your choices on how to get to your next destination. For us using Air France to get into Asia and China Eastern to fly between Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong still gave us plenty of options. Just getting into the US had some limitations. We opted for a Delta flight from Hong Kong, this does mean we have to connect in Seattle. But this was the only option if we wanted to leave from Hong Kong. Else we would have to go back to Tokyo or Shanghai. Both were an option, but we choose not to.

Skyteam RTW Miles

Not breaking the bank

The great thing of a RTW ticket is, instead of looking at individual prices, you look at the miles and the number of stops. This will put you in specific brackets. In the end, you are often charged the base price for the flight but the big advantage of booking like this, it gives you some form of flexibility. You can change the date of the flight free of charge (some local fees might apply). You will only be charged if you are no-show, or add/remove a stop. This gives you the option to move your flight by for instance a day if the situation dictates so and that point, you don’t have to be afraid that you break the bank.


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