Disneyland Paris Tickets

Disneyland Paris LogoTickets for Disneyland Paris are available through the official website and at the park itself. Disneyland Paris offers 1-Day or Multi-Day tickets.

Multi-Day tickets have to be used within 7 days after the first access but the days do not need to be consecutive. Tickets purchased online, cannot be used the same day. As Disneyland Paris has two parks, guests can purchase a park hopper or a single park ticket.

1-Day tickets are priced based on the crowd levels. These crowd levels can be seen on the calendar when the tickets are bought. Crowd levels don’t apply when purchasing a Multi-Day ticket. Crowd levels are listed as followed: Mini, Magic, Super Magic and Super Magic Plus. In the below matrix we group single park and park hopper tickets in the same cell.

MiniMagicSuper MagicSuper Magic Plus234
Child (3-11) €42 / €57 €56 / €71 €66 / €81 €71 / €86 €130 €163 €177
Adult 12+ €49 / €64 €63 / €78 €73 / €88 €79 / €94 €147 €182 €223

Tickets with hotel reservation at Disneyland Paris

When you are staying at a Disneyland Paris Hotel, tickets might be included in your package. Make sure you check this prior to arrival and when you are calculating whether it is cheaper to stay on- or off-property.

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