Disneyland Paris introduces new paid Fastpass Options

Published: September 26, 2018 / Last Updated: September 26, 2018 / By: Arvid Bux

On October 15, Disneyland will introduce new Fastpass options. This new offering will not change the current Fastpass which is included in park admission, nor will it change the Fastpasses that are included with some hotel products.

New Range of Paid Fastpasses

Super FastpassSuper FastpassUltimate FastpassUltimate Fastpass
Family AttractionsBig Thrill AttractionsAll Fastpass AttractionsAll Fastpass Attractions
One Time
Speedy Access
One Time
Speedy Access
One Time
Speedy Access
Speedy Access
PriceFrom 30 eurosFrom 30 eurosFrom 60 eurosFrom 120 euros
Peter PanXXX
Buzz Lightyear Laser BlastXXX
Hyperspace MountainXXX
Rock 'n Roller CoasterXXX
The Twilight Zone Tower of TerrorXXX
Big Thunder MountainXX
Star Tours The AdventuresXX
Indiana Jones Temple of PerilXX

Discounts for AP Holders

Ap holders will receive discounts on the new paid Fastpasses. Discounts for AP holders 15% for Infinity and 10% for Magic+.

Source; ED92live

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