Disneyland History: The Peoplemover

We still see the relics when we visit Tomorrowland in Disneyland: The tracks of the Peoplemover. A beloved ride to some. You can still hope a ride on the Peoplemover in Florida, but the ride on the West Coast has long been gone.

The ride originally opened in 1967 and closed in 1995. One of the reasons why it closed was that it no longer was a prototype and as such had no place in Tomorrowland. During a D23 event in 2010, the then president of Disneyland made a comment that there might be plans to bring the ride back. A few years later, these plans seem further away than ever before.

Abandoned – The Peoplemover

The team of Bright Sun Films made a 9 minute video showcasing the history of The People Mover. This video is part of their popular Abandoned series.

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