Disney Springs Stop Motion video

All though it feels like an ad for Disney Springs, and when I think of it, it actually is, this Stop Motion video gives you a great idea of all the things you can experience at Disney Springs. We’ve spent a few days there in April 2016 and we can’t wait to go back again. Disney Springs is surely a great day-out if you don’t want to go into the park.


Also make sure you read about the Behind-the-Scenes of this video over at the Disney Parks blog.

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Who doesn't want to go out and play with Jessie and Rex? We love the (new) Toy Story land at DHS. Slinky Dash is the best!


Don't you just love this couple?


Happy Birthday to this Number 1 Duck! 85, years old!


Happy 626 to this troublesome one.


This weekend the Lion King and Jungle festival starts at Disneyland Paris. Are you as ready as Timon is?


Simba and Nala during the Lion King and Jungle Festival at @disneylandparis


Donald and Daisy are trying to find their way during Jungle Book Jive at @disneylandparis


During the Hakuna Matata lunch, Mickey took us on a safari!


Doesn't he look handsome in his new outfit over at Phantom Manor?

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