Disney Explorers Lodge Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Opening at April 30

Published: February 17, 2017 / Last Updated: February 17, 2017 / By: Arvid Bux

Disney Explorers Lodge at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort has received an official opening date: April 30th. Reservations for this 750-room hotel are now available online. Currently there is a Special Opening Offering. Unfortunately we will leave just a few days before the Explorers Lodge opens, but we will try get some photos.

HKDL Explorers Lodge

The hotel is divided into four wings, each overlooking a themed garden named after a Disney character that celebrates different locales around the world. The wings are themed as followed:

  • Kevin Garden named for everyone’s favorite curious bird in “Up”
  • Little Squirt Garden of Oceania named for the playful sea turtle in “Finding Nemo”
  • Hathi Jr. Garden named for the baby elephant from “The Jungle Book” in the heart of Asia
  • Rafiki Garden named for the baboon from “The Lion King” can Savannah with its namesake from “The Lion King”

HKDL Explorers Lodge Theme Garden

From the Disney Parks blog:

Intrepid travelers will find themselves surrounded by the golden age of exploration in the early 1920’s, with artifacts and memorabilia displayed across the hotel property. Three unique restaurants serve up signature delights that celebrate new and old world flavors, and themed rooms welcome explorers after a day of discovery. The expedition is complete with a trip to The Trading Post for a few artifacts of your own.

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