Building Disneyland Paris

Published: February 5, 2017 / Last Updated: February 5, 2017 / By: Arvid Bux

With Disneyland Paris celebrating its 25th anniversary later this year, it is hard to imagine there was a time that the resort area east of Paris was not yet the house of Disney’s European Resort.

The Euro Disney Resort opened on April 12th, 1992, but work to get it all done started as early as 1984. The initial years were spent on finding suitable locations. Winding the number of possible locations down from 1200 to 4. The final decision was made to go with the area that we today know as Disneyland Paris Resort onĀ 24 March 1987. Construction started a year later in August of 1980.

When the park opened, the name was originally Euro Disneyland. Through the years, several more name changes occurred and now in 2017 we can call it Disneyland Park.

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Watch Building of Disneyland Paris

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