What to expect when Disneyland Paris reopens Annual Pass sales

Published: July 14, 2021 / Last Updated: July 14, 2021 / By: Arvid Bux

When Disneyland Paris reopened, renewals and sales of Annual Passes were halted. Luckily, a few days ago, it was announced that the sales and renewals would start again on July 15. Now that that day is close let’s look at what we maybe can expect.

Disneyland Paris Infinity/Magic Plus entrance

When the latest announcement was made, the resort didn’t stipulate whether the same Annual Passes would be available or that something new was being worked out. Knowing that at the US Parks and Tokyo Disney, changes have been made, we are quite curious about what will happen in Paris.

It has been clear that the Annual Pass Holders program at Disneyland Paris has been quite generous. Yes, prices have gone up over the years, but AP holders also received significant benefits. Some of these benefits weren’t even available at the other Disney parks around the world.

Possible Changes to Annual Passes

Below a few points with changes that I believe and have heard about that could be made to Annual Passes when sales and renewals become available again:

NOTE: these are speculations on what might happen and are not confirmed!

  • Unlike Disneyland in California, we will keep our Annual Pass program for now
  • According to DLP Report, no more free months will be added when you renew
  • When you renew, you get a 15% discount for a renewal up to 2 months before the expiration
  • Buying 5 Annual Passes or more with a 20% discount will no longer be available
  • Prices will not be increased immediately, but this could happen not soon after
  • Benefits like reserved Infinity viewing areas for fireworks and parades will no longer be available
  • Discounts for shopping, dining, and at the hotels will remain
  • Extra Magic Times for the higher tier Annual Passes will remain

Current Annual Pass Prices

Disneyland Paris has always been known for Annual Passes that weren’t that expensive. The current prices are:

  • Discovery €179
  • Magic Flex €259
  • Magic Plus €299
  • Infinity €449

Current Annual Pass Benefits

Need a refresher on what the current benefits are? We got you covered.


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