“Rhythms of the Pride Lands” set to return Disneyland Paris on October 23, 2021

Published: August 24, 2021 / Last Updated: August 24, 2021 / By: Arvid Bux

“Rhythms of the Pride Lands”, the Lion King-inspired show, will return to Disneyland Paris on October 23, 2021. DLPReport shared this news earlier today.

Rhythms of the Pride Lands” made its debut at the Frontierland Theater during the Lion King and Jungle Book festival in 2019. This fan-favorite returned during the 2020 summer season but performances we cut short due to the health crisis. How often the show will be performed, and whether you can buy Premier Access is not yet known.  When the stage show returns to the park, guests can also experience all the Halloween offerings.

Watch “Rhythms of the Pride Lands”

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