Review: Ukiwa Bun at Tokyo DisneySea

This review is based on food and/or beverage options that we consumed on April 15, 2017

When you visit Tokyo DisneySea you should definitely try the Ukiwa Bun. While we were planning our trip to the park, this snack kept on coming up. So we made it a mission to at least have it once. And boy, it was worth it.

Tokyo DisneySea - うきわ - Ukiwa Bun - Donald Duck

Unfortunately we only had it once, and that was mostly related to the fact that there is just too much food to try. In the four days we were at the resort, we tried to taste and try everything but failed. But we are happy that the Ukiwa Bun made it on our list of items we tried.


Now of course the question for people who don’t speak or understand Japanese; What does “Ukiwa” (うきわ) mean? In English “Ukiwa” means “life saver”. And when you see the photos of this snack you might better understand its name.

Bun means shrimp. Even though there are more ingredients inside this snack, they went with the Japanese word bun to form the name as shrimp is the main ingredient.

Presentation of the Ukiwa Bun

First thing you will notice is that the Ukiwa Bun looks like a life saver, and as the name tells you, it is. This life saver is there to help Donald stay afloat. When you look from the top, you can see Donald in the life saver, enjoying the water. The inside of the bag is blue, representing water. And when you flip the bag over, you will see Donald’s butt (never thought I would write this).

In the case of the Ukiwa Bun, the name perfectly summarizes the snack. The eye for detail at Tokyo Disney Resort is amazing, and this snack shows it once more.

How does the Ukiwa Bun (shrimp) taste?

An Ukiwa Bun is a bun that holds several ingredients, the main one being shrimp. You will also find some pork and vegetables in it. All of this is kept together with the bun in a shape of a life saver.

Tokyo DisneySea - うきわ - Ukiwa Bun - Donald Duck

While I’m normally not a fan of savory snacks (I’m more of the sweet type). This snack just hit the spot. The combination of shrimp, pork and the vegetables was well balanced. The bun itself was nice and soft, and didn’t take away from the flavor of the rest of the ingredients. It is hard to describe the Absolutely a must-try (if you are not allergic, and like shrimp)!

Where to get the Ukiwa Bun?

When we were at Tokyo DisneySea, we were able to get the Ukiwa Bun (Shrimp) at the Seaside Snacks. You can find this little booth on the below map by looking for number 59.

Tokyo DisneySea Map - Seaside Snacks

Did you like the Ukiwa Bun?

Have you tried the Ukiwa Bun? We’d love to hear from you! Any other snacks you had at Tokyo Disney Resort or any other Disney Park you liked?


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