Review: Toy Story Hotel at Shanghai Disneyland

This review is about a hotel stay from April 18, 2017 until April 21, 2017 (Last Updated: July 21, 2017)

After our trip to Tokyo Disney Resort, we flew over to Shanghai Disney, just shy of it’s one year anniversary. Since we knew we would most likely be exploring all day in the parks, we chose to stay at the more budget friendly on-property hotel, Toy Story Hotel.

We arrived at Shanghai Pudong Airport and took a taxi to the hotel. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a cast member who tagged our luggage to be stored at bell desk and then directed to front desk to check in. Many tasks and options are separated out to their assigned desks. So after check-in we had to go to concierge to pick up our park tickets that were prepaid online and also booked some dining for the park as well.

Shanghai Disney Resort - Toy Story Hotel - Jessie

We spotted Jessie standing alone with her assistant outside in the square, so we quickly went out to say hello and take a photo. After that, we walked around Mickey Town until our room was available at 3pm.


The hotel offers three types of rooms based on location, courtyard, park or garden view with either 2 double beds or 1 queen bed. We were assigned a room in the cowboy wing on the 5th floor. We booked a standard Garden View room for our trip. However, our view was more of the parking lot than of anything garden related. Maybe they consider the few feet of grass as garden?

When we entered the room it felt like a carbon copy of the typical Disney room in the states such as a mini fridge and luggage storage at the entrance and even the vacuum powered toilet. I was impressed with the height of the ceiling and the room felt very spacious. The theming is nicely done and for a more budget friendly hotel, it is still nicely appointed with all the amenities you need without being too ‘cartoon’ and cheap feeling.

The entrance provides the usual storage and hanger racks which is quite ample. In addition there are Toy Story themed slippers to use and a souvenir Toy Story Hotel reusable bag. As you continue into the room you have a large dresser drawer with a mini fridge, flat screen TV and water kettle with four bottles of water.

Our room was furnished with two double beds with white linens and a cute Toy Story family picture on the bed runner. Between the two beds is a nightstand in the shape of a Rubik’s cube. The room is very playful in Toy Story theme with the rivalry of cowboys and space rangers, offering some bold color palettes. In the cupboard of the stand sits a flashlight and also the safe, which I find a better spot than the rest of the luggage storage. Above the nightstand are power outlets and switches for the lights.

The bathroom is your standard Disney bathroom in regards to size. I’m not sure if the counter size is bigger or maybe because we had just arrived from Japan, but I felt that I had so much space to place everything. The room itself is quite plain and the only great feature is the shower curtain with the hand drawn concept art from the film. We also noticed a very distinct smell. We think it was from the drain next to the toilet, but whether it’s from the water or something else we don’t know. It really gave the bathroom an unpleasant smell so I sprayed some essentials oils over it in hopes of it clearing up but it seemed to stay.

What lacks in design might be forgiven with the greatly themed and designed toiletries. First off, you receive two bottles of water to use when brushing your teeth. Next to it, a Toy Story toiletries tin filled with a shower cap, cotton swabs, cotton pads, a comb, toothpaste and three travel toothbrushes. In addition to that, there was a special kids toothbrush kit in a separate container which includes strawberry flavored toothpaste. Paper cups also themed with Toy Story are available to use and a soap bar (facial soap) or liquid soap if you choose. Fans of H20 will also be happy to know that Shanghai also uses H20 products Bath Aquatics line offering body balm, shampoo & conditioner, and body wash.


Most amenities for guests are located on floor one which is one floor lower than the lobby which is level 2. Here you will find dining and guest activities. The hotel offers a counter service restaurant, Sunnyside Cafe as well as Sunnyside Market for your grab and go items. We did not eat at either place but the market looked to be a good option for a light snack. Make sure to visit the Cafe just to see the artwork and design.

Located at the left entrance of the entrance to the hotel is a small gift shop, Lotso Shop. I was not very impressed by the store itself, but they do offer a little of everything, including a mask if the pollution becomes too much.

I was quite surprised about the additional activities offered by the hotel. I was expecting more of Tokyo or Paris where all you receive is the room and no other activities to sign up for. Upon arrival you are give a Resort Activities Calendar. The hotel offers a Family Activity Center Play Room where children can play games and join in scheduled activities throughout the day.

The hotel includes free use of the resort shuttle to the park. We never had issues with it being overcrowded but there were definitely lines at times. We honestly felt that it was almost a waste of time and energy having a shuttle because the hotel is literally across the street, but the shuttle can’t directly go to the park but first has to use a roundabout in order to reach the shuttle drop off area. We walked the first time through the parking lot and over the bridge which is almost the equivalent time in the shuttle. At the end of the day it’s nice to take the shuttle, but I’d suggest taking a nice stroll to the park if you have time.

Wifi- what can I say? It was a challenge….wifi was definitely better at the hotel but depending the services you use, it isn’t extremely helpful. However, speeds at the hotel were much better than within the park and more reliable. Do note that several services like Google are blocked. You might have to use a secondary account or a VPN service.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I found the hotel to be nicely designed and a typical Disney room. However, I would not describe this hotel as a resort because of some typical amenities lacking. If you are family that really wants pool time, then you need to stay off property or at Disneyland Hotel.

What I loved about the hotel is that when they say Toy Story, it really is. You are immersed in the artwork and playful elements that is the movie and for many, their childhood. Do take the time to visit Level 1 where the hallways are lined with concept art.

We had the option to go to Mickey Town and walk around, see a show and walk back to our hotel. The shuttle service seems pointless at times and I really hope they redirect the buses in a more efficient manner in the future.

What we found to be the biggest downfall of the hotel was the consistency of service by the cast members most noticeably the lack of going above and beyond for guests. The magical or excitement feel sometimes lacks but we did encounter a few CMs that do want to make sure you enjoy your stay and that information is clear to you.

We would likely stay here again or try the Disneyland Hotel. The convenience of the location and ability to walk to everything is a plus. We just hope that as the resort matures, so will everything else in overall Disney experience. If Toy Story theming isn’t your style, don’t dismiss it completely because you might appreciate the details that went into the hotel.

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