Review: Starbucks Breakfast Menu at Disneyland Paris

This review is based on food and/or beverage options that we consumed on November 4, 2017

Since March 30 2017, Disney hotels at Disneyland Paris no longer offer breakfast as a free option. Guests can still book breakfast as an extra option, but for the type of breakfast you get, it might not be worth the money. To help with this change, two new Starbucks stores have been opened at Cheyenne and Santa Fe, allowing guests to grab a quick breakfast. Either to eat there (sur la place) or to take away (à emporter).

Starbucks Brunch / Breakfast Menu

To make the choice in the morning bit easier, Starbucks offers a breakfast (or brunch) menu allowing guests to grab a tall drink, a short orange juice and two food items. This menu is offered from Starbucks store opening until 1PM. All three Starbucks locations, Village + Cheyenne + Santa Fe, participate in this menu offering.

Disneyland Paris - Starbucks Brunch Menu

The two food items are a combination of either a croissant roll and 3 pancakes (with a topping) or a breakfast hot box and a pastry. Depending on what time of the morning you walk in your choices might be limited.

This fixed menu costs 14,95 euros. Annual Pass or Shareholder discount doesn’t apply. You can however use a French Starbucks card. NOTE: as of November the menu actually costs 9,95 euros.

For the half marathon on Sunday we got up early, we watched the start at Main Street USA and walked back over to the Starbucks in Disney Village. We both ordered a different combination of the brunch menu.

Breakfast Hot Box and Pastry

Disneyland Paris - Starbucks breakfast 2

Christina chose the hot box menu set which includes a hot box and a viennoiserie pastry, fresh pressed orange juice and tall beverage. There are two options of hot boxes: eggs benedict or omelette with bell peppers. Christina had the eggs benedict hot box with bacon, tomato, spinach greens, small potatoes and cheese. It was a nice hearty yet light combination that had a better taste than expected – She’d definitely order it again.

Alongside the hot box Christina had the option to choose a pastry of a croissant or pain au chocolat. Included is also the tall beverage, so she ordered a Tall Americano to pair with her pain au chocolat and small fresh pressed orange juice.

Croissant Roll and Three Pancakes

Disneyland Paris - Starbucks breakfast 2

I went for the Croissant Roll and three pancakes, and as a tall drink I had a Peach Green Tea Lemonade. Now I have had all these items before, being it in separate purchases, but the combination does work. As I had two warm items, I had to make a decision what to eat first. If you are a fan of a steaming hot breakfast, this could be an issue, but for me it was fine. The orange juice was freshly squeezed (or at least in about an hour before I got the drink) and had a nice taste to it. The menu was perfect, I liked the combination of the food items, and having the ability to order any tall drink I wanted.

Final Thoughts

At 14,95 euros this breakfast menu seems to be a bit on the high end, but for that price you do get a lot of options and more than enough food and morning liquids. As both breakfast menus are big and get you two drinks, you could easily share this with a second person. We recommend the hot box menu if you want something that adds a little substance or are not a fan of only bread for breakfast.

We both enjoyed our choice and will try it again in the future. From all breakfast options we have tried thus far at the resort, the Starbucks breakfast is our favorite.

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