Review: Royal Tea Time Treat at Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant

This review is based on food and/or beverage options that we consumed on August 23, 2021

When we visited Disneyland Paris during The Ultimate Princess Celebration, we had the opportunity to try Royal Tea Time Treat at Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant on the first day of the event. Guests have the opportunity to try several pastries, a milkshake, and a special ice cream. We were especially craving some pastries and the milkshake; we opted to visit Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant, but you can also get these pastries at Plaza Gardens Restaurant.

The Beauty and The Beast Milkshake / Milkshake de Belle

Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant is known for its teas and milkshakes, so it was nice to see an additional milkshake being added for this event. The Beauty and The Beast Milkshake is a vanilla ice cream milkshake with a donut covered in mango purée, whipped cream, and additional toppings. The milkshake costs, just like the other milkshakes, 11 euros.

The milkshake and presentation of it are okay. The milkshakes at this restaurant taste good overall, and the theming is a fun twist. But I do believe that 11 euros for such a milkshake is a bit steep. I have the same opinion about the other milkshakes, so it is not just the Belle version. But part of the cost comes from the fact this is a sit-down restaurant that has limited seating.

While the donut does add something extra to the milkshake, I know they could come up with something more themed. The other Disney Parks worldwide have presented some amazing themed food which perfectly goes along with the storytelling. The donut itself has quite a heavy cover of the puree, and it just feels like it is sugar on top of the sugar. I definitely had a sugar rush afterward. We did have one other milkshake, the strawberry one, and this one without the donut is more balanced.

I would order the milkshake again, but I would not need to have the donut on top, plus I would love to see this offered as a quick-service option so I don’t have to sit down in the restaurant but can enjoy it in Fantasyland, for instance.

The Royal Pastries

Even though we attended the event on its first day, when we were seated at Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant, we were told that 2 of the 5 pastries were already sold out. For an event that only takes place for a week, it seems weird that there are already sold-out items when the event has barely started. But as there were no other options, we ordered the following pastries:

  • The Sweet Taste of Agrabah Palace: Tartlet with salted caramel and white chocolate ganache
  • Midnight Delight: Blueberry cupcake and white chocolate ganache
  • Royal Taste Sensation: Apple, pineapple mousse, and yuzu

The set of these three pastries cost us 6 euros. The pastries we couldn’t try were:

  • Princess’s True Love: Red berries and raspberry cream
  • Macaron Crush: Vanilla ganache, white chocolate, chocolate-hazelnuts flavor

If you can order the set of all 5 pastries, the price will be 8 euros.

While I believe the different themes of pastries are great for such an event, it was nothing more than a nice try. The pastries tasted like most ingredients were ordered from elsewhere outside the resort. The cups or the shortcrust pastry didn’t have much flavor, and they felt quite hard. The filling was also not that tasty. While salted caramel is not my favorite, it also just didn’t do that well overall. The Royal Sensation was maybe the best of them, but also here; I felt lackluster afterward.

I would definitely not order these pastries again, and I hope that in the future, the resort can look beyond just slapping a print on a piece of chocolate, sticking it on top of a pastry, and saying it is a Cinderella cupcake. While we didn’t really pay attention to this, some of the prints came out kind of bad.

Restaurant Agrabah Café Dessert

As we had lunch at the Restaurant Agrabah Café, we also had the opportunity to try the other Jasmin dessert; Cupcake with creamy lemon heart. Just like the other pastries, it was okay. While I understand they are trying to add a themed dessert to this restaurant for the Ultimate Princess Celebration, I think if they had just left it out, it would have been fine as well. The rest of the meal has no direct relation to Jasmine as well.

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