New Nighttime Spectacular “Momentous” to debut mid-June at Hong Kong Disneyland

Published: May 25, 2022 / Last Updated: May 29, 2022 / By: Arvid Bux

Hong Kong Disneyland will finally get a new nighttime spectacular and it is set to debut in mid-June. This new nighttime offering called “Momentous” will take advantage of the reimagined Castle of Dreams which was revealed to guests on Nov 21, 2020.

The nighttime spectacular will be shown 4 to 5 times a week at either 19.30 or 20.30. “Momentous” is set over the span of six chapters, with about 150 Disney characters from close to 40 various Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios stories through different special stages in life. Starting with those precious first moments, to encompassing life’s greatest experiences, achievements, and difficulties. Through it all, guests are reminded to treasure those with whom they share the journey of life, and all the adventures along the way.

Original Theme Song and New Musc Arrangements

An original song has been created specifically for “Momentous”: a soaring anthem encouraging guests to celebrate life’s many memorable moments together and to live each one to the fullest. In an ever-changing world, guests are especially reminded to take time to appreciate their families and loved ones, treasure life, and joyful moments, and finally, look forward to the encouraging future ahead for all.

A newly recorded score provides the central “heartbeat” for this story’s exciting journey – conveying the feeling and energy of each moment – whether it be playful, soaring, mischievous, heartwarming… and maybe even a little scary at times! This specially recorded soundtrack helps to weave together all the performing elements seamlessly and helps guests soak up the sentimental feelings of each moment.

Dining Package

An all-new dessert buffet will be available at the Starliner Diner, featuring Disney character-themed desserts. Guests will enjoy 1.5-hour free flow desserts and beverages, plus a spot at the reserved viewing area for the “Momentous” after the sweetest meal. Dessert Buffet with Special “Momentous” Viewing Area. The price for this package is HK$458 for adults and HK$328 for kids.

Special Merchandise and Snacks

With the grand debut of the “Momentous” Nighttime Spectacular, guests can enjoy several experiences to enhance this evening out. Add more shine by visiting an Outdoor Vending Cart or Merchandise Trolley, located throughout the park, where guests can find fun lighting accessories that accompany their every step after nightfall.

Guests can also bring home souvenirs by purchasing a special series of light-up merchandise items and T-shirts with reflective color effects in park and hotel shops. Some items can be personalized as well, allowing everyone to relive an unforgettable night of light, laughter, and love.

Creative Reveal

One of our reports was able to attend the creative reveal, and there we learned a lot about what it takes to bring “Momentous” to life. See below for more details.

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