Review: TOGETHER: a Pixar Musical Adventure (spoiler free)

This is a spoiler-free review! 

TOGETHER: a Pixar Musical Adventure is the new stage show at Walt Disney Studios Park. This show was especially designed for Disneyland Paris, and took six months to be put on stage.

The show is a mix of practical set pieces, and large screens. Some of the scenes rely more on screens and some scenes more on practical set pieces. But everytime it is a really nice blend of both.

The entire show is supported by a live orchestra that brings a lot of dimension and dynamic to the score which on its turns adds to the spectacle on the stage.

The story is truly heartfelt, and has a lot of depth and emotion.

I would have loved to see some of the newer Pixar stars like Luca, Soul (would have perfectly with the music theme) and Red Panda but also Inside Out.

TOGETHER: A Pixar Musical Adventure adds to the overall entertainment the resort offers, and is truly an award winning show. Guests will have a hard choice having to choose between Mickey and the Magical and TOGETHER which are both being performed at the Studios Park. The choice might be made easier as guests can choose between Classic Disney characters and Pixar characters, but if I can give you a tip; take the time to watch both, and make it an entire day of visiting Walt Disney Studios Park.

TOGETHER: a Pixar Musical Adventure will be performed four times a day. Make sure you check the Disneyland Paris Mobile app.

Good to know that taking photos or videos is not allowed, before, during and after the show.

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