Disneyland Paris enables automated stations for car park

Published: 6月 21, 2023 / Last Updated: 6月 21, 2023 / By: Arvid Bux

Starting June 21, 2023, guests parking their cars at the Disneyland Paris Car Park can now use the automated terminals. The modernization of the toll plaza will ensure smoother access.

The lane on the far left will continue to offer only payment such as cash, gift vouchers, holiday vouchers, or bank cards, the other lanes will be able to operate with ticketing CMs or in automatic mode. The new terminals will accept bank cards as well as all free modes (Disney ID, Pass en Scène, Annual Pass, Magic Pass). Lanes marked with the “CB” pictogram indicate that only card payment is accepted.

There are no dedicated lanes for Guests with disabilities. Guests with disabilities can use all lanes to access the dedicated car park.

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