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This review is about a hotel stay from Maggio 12, 2016 until Maggio 14, 2016 (Last Updated: Agosto 21, 2017)

Disney’s Newport Bay Club recently renovated its property in 2016 with a complete head-to-toe clean-up. As with most of the hotels on the property, there has been little upkeep on the typical wear and tear that happens after so many years. This was a major project considering the hotel holds over 1000 rooms in addition to their large convention center space. Post-renovation has now categorized the hotel as a 4-star resort based on the French hotel rating.

Lobby and Reception at Disney's Newport Bay Club

The hotel is situated at Lake Disney across the lake from Hotel New York. Considered the farthest hotel to the park, it’s only a 15-minute walk through Disney Village. We have stayed twice post-renovation and can say that it really is a nice property. The hotel is based on the turn of the 19th century New England beach homes. The style is on point and you really feel transported to Cape Cod with the nautical blues, clean white and rich, bright reds throughout the hotel.

The Room

Bedroom at Disney's Newport Bay Club

We booked a standard room on both trips here. And what can we say but, wow. The design they executed in the rooms is wonderful. Every little detail has a little Disney magic in it. It’s nautical throughout and even though the bathroom hasn’t changed much, the light blue lightens up the room so it flows together. The luggage storage area is always a bit strange at the resort and we’ve never found it very practical. Unfortunately, there is still no refrigerator which most US visitors would expect.

Amenities and Recreation

The hotel is well known for its large indoor pool, fit with a large replica boat to explore. Our first experience we were denied at the door due to inclement weather, but we were able to go back and briefly visit. The large indoor pool is nice and very large. The indoor is connected through a little swim-through passageway to an equally large outdoor swimming pool. We were quite happy with the pool area. Considering the weather is not always great in Paris, we were blessed with some warm weather and felt like we were at Disney World just chilling poolside.

We noticed many people go for a morning run around Lake Disney. It’s a very quiet a serene area to run. We even did a run in the morning ourselves (we wanted to get in shape for runDisney). Although we thought we had to go through security (either side of the balloon), the guards just had us pass without checking us. This was the case for many other runners as well. This might be a standard thing or not, just be prepared.

Dining at Disney’s Newport Bay Club

We absolutely love Yacht Club. It’s a treat to find a quiet fine dining restaurant that has a really good menu and we find this place to be one of the top choices in Paris. Having said that, we had booked this restaurant and on the night we went we had a surprise; they changed it to a buffet! According to CMs, we spoke to, if it is a busy week at the hotel then the adjacent Cape Cod buffet restaurant opens the Yacht Club (on nights they don’t normally open) as their second location. So we had a surprise of eating buffet style. Minus the disappointment, we enjoyed the seafaring buffet.

Breakfast is also served at the Cape Cod Restaurant in the morning. You can select breakfast times when you check-in for the duration of your stay. The breakfast has a few more options than the value hotels. There are warm pancakes, cold meats, cereal, and plenty of carbs for the day. Collecting your food can be a challenge as the layout is not practical but the setting is fairly calm and pleasant before having to deal with the rush of the park.

Captain's Quarters

The Captain’s Quarters is the all-day lounge where you can purchase some snacks and sandwiches or enjoy an evening drink. Service has been both good and bad. The bad mainly being ignored by the waiters but when they did take our orders they are always pleasant. Nonetheless, the menu and drinks have always been top-notch and the decor lives up to the name.

Final Thoughts

Overall we love the hotel and we find the rooms as a staple Disney-themed room that you would see at other properties. The only minor disappointment we had with the room is more the servicing of it. The consistency is lacking and not only at this hotel but the other two at Lake Disney as well. You are to receive toiletries but we have had many times only one bottle of shampoo and nothing else and other times where they stock everything. For a refreshed new property, we definitely suggest this resort if you want to be at Lake Disney.

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Photos Disney’s Newport Bay Club

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