Review: Disney’s Hotel New York

This review is about a hotel stay from Febbraio 10, 2017 until Febbraio 12, 2017 (Last Updated: Agosto 8, 2017)

One of the smallest resorts on the Disneyland Paris property, Hotel New York brings guests to the Big Apple with its NYC and Americana decor. The hotel hosts 565 rooms, a convention center, dining options, and a large indoor pool and spa. Located at Lake Disney, this hotel is an easy 10-minute walk to the parks through Disney Village.

Upon arrival, we are greeted by a skyscraper-inspired building and a classic yellow taxi cab parked at the main entrance of the hotel. As you enter the hotel lobby you experience the Empire State with the typical ‘big apple’ and literally, the Big Apple is everywhere in the hotel decor. The lobby is also host to the New York City Bar which offers light snacks and the classic whisky and bourbon drinks of New York.


Knowing that this hotel is still on the roster to be remodeled, we tried to keep our expectations low. However, we can say we were quite disappointed in the overall upkeep of the room. Even Sequoia Lodge stood out as better maintained than this hotel.

The theming here is strong in the New York spirit with the Empire State Building lamp to the apples throughout the room. There are many good things about the room we enjoyed. It definitely felt like a class above Newport and Sequoia, but the quality is lacking. The room was quite dusty, many furniture pieces were dirty or extremely worn out and the wallpaper was peeling throughout the room. Even the pull-out couch had stains all over the cushion.

The bathroom was very nice but had some odd features that really show it was designed with European flair. The toilet was an odd contraption with an odd button to flush to the toilet. Oh and the classy bathroom phone next to the toilet! The counter and sink were nice but a bit smaller and less practical than the other hotels. But we can’t leave the bathroom without discussing the really classy hairdryer on the wall. Nothing like having a low-powered ‘air-warmer’.

The big perk we enjoyed was the terrace which looked out on Lake Disney, but we were surprised about how much trash was on the ground. Nonetheless, the view is nice and if the weather were a bit warmer, we definitely would have sat outside to enjoy the sun. Although our view was in the path of guests going to the parks, we had very few noise problems as the glass is a thick double-paned window.


We have read that breakfast is served in various locations. We were told to have breakfast at the New York City Bar. It was very busy when we went and felt that the setup made it inconvenient for getting drinks with only one location to get drinks. However, it was a nice change to have a more intimate location for breakfast than the typical buffet locations.

The hotel does offer room service breakfast for a supplement of 6 euros per person. So if you don’t want to be tied down to a designated breakfast time, then the in-room delivery is a great option.


We did not have the chance to visit the pool and spa area but the pictures do look good. The hotel offers a very small gift shop but cast members are always helpful and asking if you need assistance. Depending on the season the outdoor plaza offers daily ice skating or go-karting.

The New York City Bar is a real treat. It also hosts special drinks with American Hudson Bay whiskeys and Brooklyn Lager. The bar does give you that classic feel of New York and is a really nice place to sit at the end of the day and enjoy a drink or small plate.

Final Thoughts

This is a great hotel for both location and overall theming. However, it is extremely dated and the upkeep of the room furnishings is quite poor. Nonetheless, if you want a more intimate hotel with a lower price tag than the Disneyland Hotel this will do you fine.

The layout of the hotel is convenient with everything you need being accessible on the ground/main floor, unlike Sequoia and Newport where you have to take the stairs or elevator to reach everything. We think this hotel theming is great and we hope the upcoming refurbishment will do justice to the name.

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