Character Selfie Spots at Disneyland Paris

Published: Agosto 5, 2020 / Last Updated: Agosto 6, 2020 / By: Arvid Bux

Now that Disneyland Paris has reopened after it was closed due to COVID-19, the creative team had to come up with something that could replace the classic Character Meet ‘n Greets. The reason for this is that during the normal Meet ‘n Greets guests can get close to characters for a hug, a little dance, and just a friendly chat. As guests, CMs and Characters have to maintain proper physical distance, Disneyland Paris has introduced Selfie Spots.

Disneyland Paris - Reopening after Corona Closure - AP Preview day

What Are Selfie Spots?

Selfie Spots are new opportunities to meet characters at Disneyland Paris. These Selfie Spots are set up in such a way that they take into account physical distancing measures but still offer a magical experience. While there are fixed Selfie Spots in the park, there are also impromptu spots that are not shown on a map, but allow you to have unique interactions.

Selfie Spots are separate from the Photopass Magic Shot locations. Good to know is that Selfie Spots don’t have Photopass photographers at hand. You have to take your own selfie (or ask someone else in your party to take a photo of you!).

Selfie Spots in Disneyland Paris

Throughout Disneyland Park you can find several Selfie Spots. The following Selfie Spots are quite standard:

  • Donald (or one of his friends) near The Storybook Store which you can on the left on Town Square when you enter the park
  • Daisy (or one of her friends) at the Gazebo which you can find in the middle of Town Square
  • Eeyore or Pooh (or one of their friends) near Casey’s Corner
  • Snow White and the Prince near the wishing well which you can find behind the Royal Castle Stage
  • At the Meet Mickey Pavilion you have the opportunity to meet several of your Disney Friends
  • Take a selfie at the Princess Pavilion
  • Sleeping Beauty and Princess Philip can often be found on along the first floor of the castle
  • Darth Vader or Chewbacca are found at Star Port

Just note that some of these selfie spots will magically appear throughout the day while others have set times you can meet characters. It is best to keep your eyes open for any other moment that characters might be out and about to take selfies with guests.

Selfie Spots in Walt Disney Studios Park

Inside Walt Disney Studios Park there are many amazing spots to meet your favorite Disney Characters. Just be aware that some Selfie Spots might be unavailable, or new ones pop-up during the day. Best to keep your eyes open to anything magical that might happen at the park.

A Selfie with Magic

Over at Animagique Theater you can take a selfie with Mickey in his special stage outfit which was created for “Mickey and the Magician”.  Belle, Cinderella or the Fairy Godmother are also present to sparkle some more pixie dust on your selfies.

Frozen Selfies

Else, Anna, Kristoff and Sven are found at Animation Celebration, where you normally find the Frozen Celebration Sing-along. Olaf is also present, either at Animation Celebration or he roams around the park. For any of the Frozen Characters you need a reservation through Lineberty.

Super Hero Selfies

At the Studio Theater you can find several Avengers like Spider-Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Captain Marvel or Thor and Loki. The Avengers have an amazing backdrop that makes sure that your selfie always looks powerful!

Toy Story Friends

Over at Production Courtyard you can find your favorite Toy Story characters like Woody, Jessie or Bo Peep.

Subject to Change

Of course of these Selfie Spots are subject to change and availability. Keep an eye out for posted times. These can often be found in the official Disneyland Paris app.

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