TOGETHER: A Pixar Musical Adventure

A Disneyland Paris original and exclusive production – will celebrate some of the most beloved Pixar characters on the Studio Theater stage every day at Walt Disney Studios Park starting July 15, 2023.  Supported by a live orchestra, this innovative and creative show will invite guests to embark on a spectacular and poetic journey and experience how music and friendship bring us together, traveling into the worlds of Toy Story, Coco, Up, Monsters, Inc., and Finding Nemo.

Practical Information

  • Venue: Studio Theater, Walt Disney Studios Park
  • Duration: approx. 30 minutes
  • Performed: Several times a day (see the mobile app for up-t0-date times) with a live band

Key dates

  • Opening Date: July 15, 2023
  • Current Run End Date: Not known
  • Press Preview: July 8, 2023
  • Annual Pass Previews: July 13 and 14

Technical Information

  • From full-sized mobile decorations that stand at 6.2 meters high and 30 meters wide
  • 453sqm LED screens stretching from floor to ceiling
  • 650sqm stage (the most immersive one ever created at Disneyland Paris)
  • 54 musicians recorded the music at the Nashville Studios
  • 200 spotlights


Charlie, a child who is passionate about music, dreams of conducting the orchestra for their school’s end-of-year gala. But something unexpected happens, and Charlie loses the precious sheet music on the eve of the concert! Woody and their Toy Story friends wake up as the child falls asleep and join forces to recover the scores scattered throughout various Pixar stories.

From the beloved Toy Story crew to Coco’s vibrant decor, the world of Up, Monsters, Inc., or Finding Nemo’s underwater reef, guests will be invited to embark on an immersive and multisensory poetic journey.

With more than 30 artists and Pixar characters on stage, this artistic and aesthetic live performance will take guests on an epic adventure through the worlds of Pixar, accompanied by a live orchestra.

Theme Song TOGETHER We Are One

Together We Are One” is an original creation developed for the show TOGETHER: A Pixar Musical Adventure exclusive to Disneyland Paris. Guillaume Coignard and Jonathan Barr produced the music, then recorded it in Nashville.

Listen to the theme song of this stage show: TOGETHER We Are One

Concept Art

Outfit of the musicians who will perform the music live.