Avengers: Power the Night

Avengers: Power the Night is a nighttime spectacular at Walt Disney Studios Park and is performed just before the park closes. The premise of this show is that recruits have been busy training at Avengers Campus all day, and now they can end the day with an inspirational message from all the Avengers.

The show can be seen from Production Courtyard and does not feature any character performers. Everything is based on projections on the Tower of Terror, fireworks launched from the Tower of Terror, and drones that fly over the Avengers Campus.

During the approximately 8-minute run, recruits are treated to 21 different scenes. Some of these scenes use up to 500 drones. In the InsidEars interview, you can read more about how Avengers: Power the Night came to be. You can also read our review of Avengers: Power the Night.

Avengers: Power the Night scenes

Get a view of all the different scenes of Avengers: Power the Night.


F.R.I.D.A.Y. welcomes the recruits and loads the special protocol.

Dr. Strange

The drones form a portal and Dr Strange is projected on the Tower of Terror.


No drones are used for this scene, but the Hulk appears on the Tower using projects. When he slams his fists it almost seems like the tower crumbles under the pressure.

Captain America

The drones form the Shield while Captain America is seen on the tower reaching for it.


No drones are used for this scene, but Loki appears on the tower, talking to the recruits.


The drones form Mj√∂lnir, Thor’s hammer, while he is seen on the tower reaching for it.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow and Hawkeye

No drones for this scene, but fireworks shoot from the Tower of Terror

Baby Groot and Rocket

The drones form an equalizer display that dances to the music played by DJ Groot.

The Guardians of the Galaxy

No drones were used for this scene


We are Groot! The drones form the fireflies that Groot can set free.

Wong and Falcon

No drones were used for this scene.

Scarlet Witch/Wanda

The drones form the bubble she created in the Wanda Vision TV show.

Wakanda Forever

The drones form the Black Panther logo, and fireworks shoot off the Tower of Terror.


No drones, but the beam he can shoot from the Mind Stone Mjolnir is shown as a laser coming from the Tower of Terror.

Ant-man and the Wasp

The drones mimic the Wasp flying around above Avengers Campus.


The drones form the ten rings

Tony Stark/ Ironman

When Ironman shoots from his hand, fireworks erupt from the Tower of Terror.

Captain Marvel

The drones show Captain Marvel flying from space to the Tower of Terror and back to space again.

Nick Fury / Avengers – Final

All Avengers are shown on the Tower of Terror while the drones form Nick Fury’s head. Slowly Fury’s head changes into the Avengers Logo. Fireworks erupt all along the Tower of Terror.


F.R.I.D.A.Y comes back online and thanks the recruits for training at the campus.


When F.R.I.D.A.Y. tries to close off the performance, Spider-Man appears hanging from the Tower of Terror. Of course, he was late for the action!

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