Running at Disney’s Aulani Resort

Published: May 7, 2022 / Last Updated: May 7, 2022 / By: Arvid Bux

Going for a run at Aulani is amazing. Running along the coves and the ocean makes for some amazing views. The last few times that we have been at Aulani, I went for several runs in the morning. The path along the beaches, following the curves of the coves, is perfect for a 3k or 5k run. I ran this path 5 times during two of our trips.

I’d recommend going for a run in the morning and being ready to go around 6.30 am. The humidity and temperature can rise really quickly, and the earlier you start with your run, the fewer issues you will have with the heat.

The times that I went for a run, it was already 80 degrees Fahrenheit (~26 celsius) and it would hit 80% humidity. So maybe even going earlier would be better for you. Along the path you will see people working out, attending yoga classes, and more.

As you see in the image above, the run follows the various lagoons: Ko Hola Lagoon, Honu Lagoon, Nai’a Lagoon, and the Ulua Lagoon. When you get to the Ko Olina Marina, you make a loop in the Ko Olina Beach Park.

What I normally do is walk down to the beach using the steps at Aulani, and take a left. Once you get back to Aulani after you ran back and forth to Ko Olina Beach Park, you will need to make a loop in front of the Four Seasons. The path itself is only about 3k, so you have to run parts double if you want to run 5k or more.

Monk Seal Sleeping on the Beach

One morning when I was done running, I noticed a sign on the beach, and it was for a monk seal that fell asleep on the beach. The sign at least lets people know to stay away. The animal still drew some attention, but people kept their distance.

Amazing views in the morning

When you wake up this early, you have the opportunity to see this area in a totally different way. The views are amazing, and the little to no people can make some amazing photos! Of course walking through the hotel itself in the morning also gives you the opportunity to take some photos of the hallways and outside areas with little to no people in your way.

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